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Written by Leo Robin & Lewis E. Gensler

This week, celebrate the artistry of the great Kenny Rogers (1938-2020) who, sadly, passed away a couple of weeks ago on March 20. Mr. Rogers was one of the true icons of American country and pop music. Mr. Rogers had dozens of hits on his repertoire including “The Gambler,” “You Decorated My Life,” “Lady,” “Islands In The Stream” with Dolly Parton and “Don’t Fall In Love With A Dreamer” with Kim Carnes.

David Foster crossed paths with Rogers in the early eighties. The results were timeless, multi-format hits like “We’ve Got Tonight” with Sheena Easton, “Crazy” and “What About Me” with Ms. Carnes and the late, great James Ingram (1952-2019). In 1984, The Hitman also produced the multi-platinum Christmas album, Once Upon A Christmas, for Rogers and Ms. Parton. From that album came “The Greatest Gift Of All,” “A Christmas To Remember” and several other Christmas classics.

In 1994, Foster was red-hot after his giant success with platinum-plus orchestral recordings for superstars including Michael Bolton, the late Natalie Cole (1950-2015) and Barbra Streisand. Foster was approached by Rogers to work on a similar, jazz-infused record. The result was a cd titled Timepiece which was released in October 1994. It presented beautiful reworkings of many classics of the American songbook like “My Funny Valentine,” “But Beautiful” and “The Nearness Of You;” all produced by Foster with the collaboration of giant arrangers Johnny Mandel and Jeremy Lubbock. The country/pop superstar journeyed back to his jazz roots. Under Foster’s guidance, Mr. Rogers gave a string of flawless performances. The song highlighted here was “Love Is Just Around The Corner,” with special vocals by the insanely talented Take 6. Foster arranged the track with gifted pianist Randy Waldman and the result was a finger-snapping, happy musical moment that’s just perfect to celebrate the immense talent of Kenny Rogers.

R.I.P. Mr. Rogers and thank you for the exceptional music.


  • Lead Vocal: Kenny Rogers
  • Guest Vocals: Take 6
  • Piano: Randy Waldman
  • Drums: Jeff Hamilton & John Guerin
  • Guitars: John Chiodini & Joe Pisano
  • Bass: Chuck Domanico & John Patitucci
  • Arranged by David Foster & Randy Waldman
  • Vocals Arranged by Cedric Dent & Mark Kibble
  • Produced by David Foster


Beautiful miracle, pardon my lyrical rhapsody,
Can’t you see? Oh, you have captured me!
Being so glamorous, now can’t you be amorous just with me,
Make it soon, Cop a look at that moon.

Love is just around the corner,
Any cozy little corner,
Love is just around the corner,
When I’m around you.

I’m a sentimental mourner,
And I couldn’t be forlorner,
When you keep me on that corner,
Just waiting for you.

Venus de Milo was noted for her charms,
But strictly between us,
You are cuter than Venus,
And what’s more you’ve got arms!

Let’s go cuddle in a corner,
Any cozy little corner,
Love is just around the corner,
And I’m around you.

Love is just around the corner,
Any cozy corner,
Love is just around the corner,
When I’m around you.

I’m ten times as faithful,
As all your other men,
They all are true to no one but you,
But me I’m true to ten.

Oh, let’s go cuddle in a cozy corner,
Any cozy little corner,
Love is just around the corner,
And I’m around you.