Dec 062015

Written by David Foster, Kenny Loggins & Eva Ein Loggins


David Foster’s long collaboration with singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins resulted in a string of solid pop/adult contemporary hits including “Heart To Heart,” “Forever,” “I’m Free (Heaven Helps The Man)” and “The Real Thing.” All were co-written and/or produced by the Canadian Hitman. “Loraine” was also co-written by the two legendary music-makers and included on Loggins’ Vox Humana album. Although it was overlooked as a single, it had the potential and catchiness to become another hit single like those aforementioned. “Loraine,” the Song of the Week, was a pop/funk, mid-tempo jam that sported an irresistible groove, infectious melody and memorable refrain.
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May 122013


written by David Foster, Kenny Loggins & Eva Ein

High Adventure, released in September 1982, was Kenny Loggins’ fifth solo album.
This well balanced pop/rock endeavour spawned three hits on the charts and was eventually certified gold. Among the hits is the now-classic pop mid-tempo, “Heart To Heart,” co-written by the singer with Michael McDonald and David Foster and the rocking number, “Don’t Fight It” that matches Loggins’ voice with another legendary tenor singer, Steve Perry of Journey.

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Jul 292012


written by Kenny Loggins, David Foster, Nathan East & Eva Ein Loggins

Kenny Loggins often referred to his 1985 release, “Vox Humana” as his r&b album. Though that statement might be not completely true, it is pretty evident that black music influenced a good portion of it and also the stylistic approach of many of Loggins’ vocal performances

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