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Tag: Bill Champlin


from CHICAGO 17

Written by Peter Cetera & Bill Champlin


”Remember The Feeling” was a beautiful ballad recorded by the American supergroup, Chicago. In 1984, Chicago included “Remember The Feeling” on their multi-platinum bestseller, Chicago 17.



Written by Bill Champlin & Kenny Loggins

Bill Champlin’s sophomore solo effort, Runaway, was released in 1981. David Foster was again in the producer’s seat. Together, the two friends crafted a well-dosed collection of pop/rock numbers and refined ballads. Despite its strong potential, Runaway didn’t do much on the charts with just a four week stay on the Billboard Top 200, eventually peaking at #178. The album spawned a couple of minor hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 with two gorgeous ballads, “Tonight, Tonight” and “Sara.” Both songs were perfectly arranged melodic masterpieces that deserved more attention given their radio-friendly appeal.



Written by Bill Champlin & B.J. Cook

“There are many reasons why I loved working with Bill Champlin. We were more aligned musically than what  it looked like on paper. Bill had a rawness that I didn’t have and I really loved that. To his great credit, he allowed me to get all my musical licks on tape but he never felt (I think) like he compromised. My sound was obviously slicker than his (that cool Bay Area raw rock and funk) but we met in the middle and I think the result was fantastic. He’s one hell of an artist, singer, musician and songwriter. He’s unique. Not many people are like that, for example I can’t really say that I am unique like he is!”


from CHICAGO 17

Written by David Foster & James Pankow

Released in the Spring of 1984, Chicago 17 was one of the pivotal projects of David Foster’s entire career. That record’s perfect pop sounds brought the veteran band four huge Top 40 hits including “Hard Habit To Break,” “You’re The Inspiration,” “Stay The Night,” “Along Comes A Woman” plus multimillion sales that total today over six million copies in the US alone. With Chicago 17, Foster basically shaped the pop/adult contemporary genre that dominated the radio waves of the Eighties.


from CHICAGO 16 
Written by David Foster, David Paich & Steve Lukather

The now classic Chicago 16 was released in June 1982. Produced by David Foster, Chicago 16  brought the band back to the top of the charts. The main ingredient for this comeback story was the worldwide hit “Hard To Say I’m Sorry,” co-written by Peter Cetera and Foster and already reviewed on the website.