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Written by Kenny Rogers & Richard Marx

On the market there’s a large amount of greatest hits and “best of” compilations showcasing Kenny Rogers’ long career and impressive body of work. Everything can be found from his first steps in the country field, his superstar days and even his most recent works. “Islands In The Stream: The Greatest Hits 1983-1988” focuses on Rogers’ early eighties transition from country icon to Pop/Adult Contemporary star. During that phase, the singer collaborated with giants like The Bee Gees, Lionel Richie and David Foster to achieve great success with catchy love ballads that were the perfect tool for his warm, friendly baritone. This compilation offers big hits like “Eyes That See In The Dark,” written by the Brothers Gibb, Foster’s refined “What About Me?” and Kim Carnes’ “Make No Mistake She’s Mine.” Other goodies on this record are the rocking, up-tempo “Twenty Years Ago” produced by Jay Graydon and a sweet cover of Foster’s masterpiece ballad, “The Best Of Me.” Another highlight is “Crazy,” a gem co-written by Rogers with a very young Richard Marx and produced by Foster. “Crazy” was originally included in 1984’s “What About Me?” and was released as its second single to very good success.
“Crazy” reached #1 on the country charts and was also a solid Pop/AC hit. This song is a gorgeous ballad that mixes Rogers’ evocative vocals with Foster’s lush arrangement and sparkling production. “Crazy” and the entire “Islands In The Stream: The Greatest Hits 1983-1988” make for a very entertaining listen, especially if you love those sweet, elegant pop melodies of that decade.


[audio:|titles=Crazy|artists=Kenny Rogers]

Lead Vocals: Kenny Rogers
Drums: John Robinson
Bass: Nathan East, Neil Stubenhaus
Guitars: Michael Landau
Keyboards: David Foster, Randy Kerber
Background Vocals: Richard Marx
Strings Arranged by Jeremy Lubbock
Produced by David Foster


Girl, there are no words to say
what I feel in my heart
you, you’re on my mind night and day
and it hurts me when we’re apart
when you’re not here by my side
there is nothing in this world for me.

I guess I’m crazy
crazy for you can’t you see
although you may think it’s crazy
here it’s where I want to be
I will always need your love.

Well now, I can see every dream
when I look in your eyes
and though, things never are what they seem
there is one thing that I realize
that there’s no doubt in my mind
we can make this love go on forever.

I guess I’m crazy
crazy for you can’t you see
although you may think it’s crazy
here it’s where I’ll always be
and I need you with me

Cos you are the dream
that finally came true in me
in all my life there’ll be noone else
if I looked all my life
there could be noone else
and for the rest of my life
all I need is you.