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Written by David Foster, Jeff Pescetto & Rick Hahn

This week, go back to David Foster’s 1990 River Of Love solo collection. That album presented a string of fine Foster co-writes composed with several distinguished tunesmiths. Foster’s River Of Love was delivered by the Hitman with the help of quite a few guest singers and musicians. The musical mood of River Of Love belonged to the pop deluxe genre with killer melodies and hooks that had different shades of rock, soul and adult contemporary music in their blend.

One of the most effective pop/rock numbers was a slick rocker titled “One Step Closer.” Foster co-wrote it with renowned session singer Jeff Pescetto and Rick Hahn, a music-maker who will eventually work with Celine Dion and Taylor Dayne. “One Step Closer” featured Pescetto on lead vocals and a special guest appearance by Bruce Hornsby playing his trademark acoustic piano.

There was always mutual respect and admiration between Foster and Hornsby. The reason Hornsby moved to LA in the early eighties was because he was offered a production deal with Foster. Although the deal never came to fruition, the two remained friends through the years. The Canadian super-producer said he loved the gorgeous sound of Hornsby’s piano. The singer once told him that to achieve such a special sound he used the suggestions that Foster gave him years before.

“One Step Closer” was based on Hornsby’s percussive piano riff and sports a very nice melody, catchy refrain and infectious rock feel thanks to the great backing band lead by Foster on keyboards, B-3 organ and synth bass. Among the musicians were some delicious guitar riffs played by Mike Landau and Dean Parks on mandolin. Jeff Pescetto did a wonderful job with his tenor voice supported by powerful harmonies sung by Canadian superstar Bryan Adams and the late, unforgettable Warren Wiebe (1953 to 1998). “One Step Closer” and River Of Love  were star-studded affairs that boasted the great Humberto Gatica’s immaculate production work.

More songs from River Of Love are available in the archives. Check out the ballad masterpiece “This Must Be Love,” the high-tech, pop gem “Inside You” and the gorgeous, latin-tinged “Living For The Moment.


[audio:|titles=Keepin’ It To Myself|artists=Jeff Pescetto]

Lead Vocals: Jeff Pescetto
Keyboards, B-3 Organ & Bass: David Foster
Keyboards: Rick Hahn
Acoustic Piano: Bruce Hornsby
Guitars: Mike Landau
Mandolin: Dean Parks
Percussion: Rafael Padilla & Dave Reitzas
Drum Overdubs: Dave Reitzas
Background Vocals: Bryan Adams, Jeff Pescetto, Warren Wiebe & David Foster

Arranged by David Foster & Rick Hahn
Produced by Humberto Gatica


It’s the way you make me feel
And the way you make me smile
Every time I look into your eyes

Tell me how can you pretend
You’re not falling deeper in
‘Cause I see the way you feel inside

Oh, why do I find myself
Tryin’ to believe there could be someone else
Why should I be so alone
When I know there’s someone waiting for me

One step closer, closer to the truth
And there’s no reason that our hearts won’t show
If we take it one step closer, one step closer to you
And there’s no tellin’ just how far we can go

It keeps tearin’ me apart
I still wonder where you are
I can hardly fall to sleep at night

What’s the sense of holdin’ back
Girl, it’s time to face the fact
This is somethin’ that we can’t deny

Oh, how can I walk away
How can I leave when there’s so much to say
I will never be alone
‘Cause I know that you are thinkin’ of me

One step closer, closer to the truth
And there’s no reason that our hearts won’t show
If we take it one step closer, one step closer to you
And there’s no tellin’ just how far we can go

I’m not about to give up
Not about to let go
We can tear down these walls
If we take it real slow

We’re not holding back
We’re not giving up
We’re just movin’ on
One step closer to you