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Written by David Foster & Lamont Dozier

In 1990, David Foster released his CD “River Of Love”. It was his attempt to a Quincy Jones kind of project involving many famous guest singers and musicians on this collection just like “Q” usually does. Among the big names appearing on the project there are Bryan Adams, Bruce Hornsby, Mike Reno, Natalie Cole, Brian Wilson, but it is a newcomer, Warren Wiebe, that steals the show, a name never heard before but that quickly will become dear to the heart of all the Foster’s aficionados around the world. Warren is all over this CD but his vocal performance on “This Must Be Love” is the true pearl, absolutely breathtaking.
The song is a wonderful ballad in the same Foster vein that has given us masterpieces like “After The Love Is Gone” and “I Have Nothing”; a classy pop tune with rich R&B echoes, a stunning melody and an unforgettable refrain, really close to many of the songs that Foster has written for Earth, Wind & Fire. Dean Parks’ sitar starts the song then Wiebe sings the first verses and the listener can’t help but get chills listening to his sweet voice and finally Jeff Pescetto (a great singer/songwriter in his own right too) joins Warren to sing the chorus. Foster wrote the tune with legendary R&B songwriter Lamont Dozier (of Holland, Dozier, Holland fame), he arranged it with the talented Bill Meyers (an EW&F alumnus) and every Foster fan will adore the way Foster and Greg Phillinganes play the piano and fender Rhodes throughout the song.


Lead Vocals: Warren Wiebe & Jeff Pescetto
Arrangement: David Foster & Bill Meyers
Keyboards: David Foster
Acoustic Piano: Greg Phillinganes
Additional Synth Overdubs: Bill Meyers
Bass: Nathan East
Drums: John Robinson
Guitars: Paul Jackson, Jr.
Sitar: Dean Parks
Synth Programming: Dave Reitzas, Jeff Rona
Produced by Humberto Gatica


What is this look I often see
Faces filled with ecstasy
What’s going round
Tell me what have they found

I’ve been searching for the answer
Trying to work my feelings out
I been up all night, girl
Nothing’s going right

Since we’ve met, I’ve had some problems
In words I couldn’t say
Now you’ve changed my life forever

This must be love
The one I heard about
No other kind of feeling
Turns me inside out
Yes, this must be love
Controlling my heart and mind
Let’s take a vow to make it last
Til the end of time, til the end of time

It’s a strange sensation, a new creation
And I just don’t have a defense against it
I’m completely outdone
For the first time there’s only one
The things I did, I don’t do no more,
There’s no desire, no looking for
Who or what is to blame
No, it cannot be explained

Since we’ve met, I’ve had some problems
In words I couldn’t say
Now you’ve changed my life forever

-Repeat Chorus-

Something’s come over me
You’re all my eyes can see
Whatever it may be