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Written by Alan Gorrie

“Keepin’ It To Myself” was an ear-candy mid-tempo originally included on Average White Band’s 1974 self-titled sophomore album. That seminal recording was also known as the group’s “white album” due to the color of its cover. Average White Band included a classic instrumental hit, “Pick Up The Pieces,” and was the album that launched the Scottish funkster’s career to worldwide fame.

In 1976, an up’n’coming Canadian session ace named David Foster was working on his first production for singer/actress Jaye P. Morgan. Looking for the right material for her album that complimented her voice and style, Foster decided to cover “Keepin’ It To Myself.” Written by Average White Band’s singer/bassist Alan Gorrie, the song had tempo changes and an irresistible groove that was a sure bet for Foster’s r&b flavored, seventies-style pop music. Foster’s arrangement respected the band’s original version, mellowing the tune a bit with the polished feel of his trademark craftsmanship. Foster’s stellar instrumental work on keyboards was accompanied by the late Jeff Porcaro (1954-1992) on drums, David Hungate on bass plus Jay Graydon and Lee Ritenour on guitars. Ms. Morgan offered a very nice vocal performance with her smoky, warm voice supported by great vocal harmonies arranged by Bill Champlin and sung by Carmen Twillie and Venette Gloud.

The superb backing track of this song was resurrected in 1977 on the self-titled record of an r&b artist called Jaisun together with three more cuts from Jaye P. Morgan. Jaisun’s voice was the only difference from Ms. Morgan’s record although Foster only received an arranger credit on this one. “Keepin’ It To Myself” was also reworked by Average White Band on their 1977 Benny & Us album. Jaye P. Morgan still sounds fantastic today and was proof of Foster’s emerging multiple talents .

Check out more music from Jaye P. Morgan in the archives, like the brilliant covers of Skip Scarborough’s “Can’t Hide Love,” popularized by Earth, Wind & Fire plus The Sons Of Champlin’s “Here Is Where Your Love Belongs.” The fact that Foster covered songs by both Earth, Wind & Fire and Average White Band on his first production was evidence of the love the future Hitman had for those legendary bands; a musical love that in just a few years will put him on the road to work amid both acts with great success.


[audio:|titles=Keepin’ It To Myself|artists= Jaye P. Morgan]


Lead Vocals: Jaye P. Morgan
Keyboards & Synthesizers: David Foster
Synthesizer Programming: Jay Graydon
Guitars: Lee Ritenour & Jay Graydon
Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Bass: David Hungate
Background Vocals: Bill Champlin & The Champlettes (Carmen Twillie and Venette Gloud)

Background Vocals Arranged by Bill Champlin
Produced & Arranged by David Foster


Now and again it occurs to me
I’m giving away much more than I ought to be
Oh, yes I am
And today I got a letter
Telling me things that I better not believe
But I don’t know if I can
But you’re the last in a long line of mistakes I’ve made
I’m tired of giving my heart and soul to a masquerade
So I’m gonna be 

Keepin’ it to myself
Let it build up inside of me
Keepin’ it to myself
Baby, I tried 

Well it makes no difference
I always thought that it was planned
When you get everything a man has to give
You now you got to return it
But every time I build my dreams
Find that love is not all what it seems to be
And I keep getting burned
But from now on I’m gonna quit
Before I commit myself
To any woman I meet
And I’ll get by without love for a while
And get into something else 

Keepin’ it to myself
Let it build on up inside
Keepin’ it to myself
Baby, I tried