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Month: November 2015


Written by David Foster, Michael McDonald & Kenny Loggins

Thierry Condor is a talented Swiss singer who recently became a fixture in the refined circle of the West Coast pop music world. Blessed with an extremely distinctive tenor, Condor crossed paths with his compatriot and gifted producer/arranger Urs Wiesendanger. At the dawn of the new millennium, Condor was asked to sing on two of Wiesendanger’s projects, The Real Me and Somebody New.  Subsequently, when Condor released his impressive 2013 debut cd, Stuff Like That, Wiesendanger was the wizard behind the glass.


Written by David Roberts

In 1982, Canadian singer/songwriter David Roberts released his debut album entitled All Dressed Up. Produced by supreme music-maker Greg Mathieson, All Dressed Up was one of those obscure pop recordings that presented such a superior musical quality that deserved far better luck on the charts and radio. The noteworthy level of Roberts’ compositions and top-notch value of the production was on the same wavelength, in terms of catchiness and craft, of platinum sellers like Christopher Cross and Toto IV. Every time All Dressed Up graces our ears, we can’t help but wonder why it didn’t take the American charts by storm. Roberts’ endeavor included the pop/rock gems “Too Good To Last” and “Someone Like You” that had perfect melodic appeal and fantastic musicianship courtesy of Toto guys including the late Jeff and Mike Porcaro on drums and bass, Steve Lukather on guitar and producer Mathieson on various keyboards. Roberts gave solid and effective vocals throughout the album, especially on the two gorgeous love ballads “Midnight Rendez-Vous” and “Another World.”


Written by Paul Williams & Kenneth Ascher

The We Love Disney franchise was started in 2013 by the legendary Walt Disney Company when they released the first compilation for the French market. That cd was an big hit and included some of the most loved Disney themes covered by a who’s who of French artists. The cd’s success brought the subsequent release of a We Love Disney project for Australia and a We Love Disney 2 for the francophone countries. With the obvious commercial potential of these all-star compilations, the “mouse company” joined forces with Verve Records in the United States to craft a We Love Disney for the international market featuring a slew of today’s hottest music stars. Who better than Verve Records’ president and producer extraordinaire, David Foster, to be in charge of this high-profile project.


From FLY AWAY – The Songs Of David Foster
Written by David Foster, Jay Graydon & Steve Kipner

This week, the spotlight is again put on Fly Away – The Songs Of David Foster. This fantastic tribute cd was released in 2009 by Spanish independent label Contante & Sonante. It featured a series of famous Foster co-writes revisited by Tomi Malm, the ultra-talented Finnish music-maker. Malm had the help of a long list of world-class singers and musicians from many corners of the globe. Malm breathed new life into some trademark Foster pieces including “Whatever We Imagine,” “In The Stone,” “Through The Fire,” “Jojo” and “The Colour Of My Love.” He showcased his creative genius in the refined craft of the arrangements and the deluxe level of the production.