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Written by William Joseph & David Foster



“First time I heard William Joseph play, I immediately knew he was special. I liked him so much I put him on my show that first night. William never disappoints, it is hard to tell where his fingers stop and the keys begin. He has managed to take incredible technique and wizardry on the piano and make it so palatable for everyone. I gotta say he plays much better than me, more skilled and better technique, although I have a pop sensibility that he doesn’t have.”

This statement received from David Foster speaks volumes of the respect and admiration the legendary producer has for pianist/composer William Joseph.  Born William Joseph Schwartz III, the virtuoso musician was discovered and mentored by Foster in the early nineties. The Hitman signed him to his label, 143 Records, and supervised his first two records, Within and Beyond.

This week, the attention is focused on the title-track of his sophomore 2008 cd, Beyond. The Song of the Week is “Beyond”.

This cd was produced by Foster’s right hand man, Jochem van der Saag, with supreme arranger/composer William Ross. Foster served as executive producer on Beyond, but did have a strong hand in the making of the cd. Foster co-wrote a few key numbers, co-arranged the material and played some keyboards here and there. The title-track was one of the pieces co-written by Joseph and Foster. “Beyond” is an evocative instrumental that mixes classical music and pop with an emotional melody and cinematic atmosphere. Joseph’s sublime piano playing owns the stage supported by gorgeous orchestral work, programmed drums and Foster’s synth bass. One mention goes to the late, unforgettable Courtney Blooding (1980-2016) who was Foster’s assistant and sung harmonies on “Beyond.”

Take a look in the archives for more of Joseph’s music including “Once Upon Love” and “Apasionada.” Both were co-written by Foster and also appeared on Beyond.




  • Acoustic Piano: William Joseph
  • Drum Programming: Jochem van der Saag
  • Synth Bass: David Foster
  • Additional Drums: Steve Aho
  • Vocals: Courtney Blooding
  • Arranged by David Foster, William Joseph, William Ross & Jochem van der Saag
  • Produced by Jochem van der Saag & William Ross
  • Executive Producer: David Foster


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