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Written by Phil Galdston & Gordon Chambers



Brandy Norwood, a.k.a. Brandy, was a R&B singing star and actress who scored big on the music charts of the nineties. Brandy’s songs included “Baby,” “Brokenhearted,” “Sitting Up In My Room, “The Boy Is Mine” with Monica and “Have You Ever.” The last two ditties were international #1s and both were part of her 5x platinum album, Never Say Never.

For that cd, David Foster produced the Diane Warren penned ballad, “Have You Ever” plus another couple of valuable album tracks. One was a cover of Bryan Adams’ hit, “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You,” and the other was the original song, “One Voice.” Both “Have You Ever” and “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” were already analyzed on this website and can be found in the archives.

“One Voice” is this week’s Song of the Week.

Composed by noted songwriters Phil Galdston and Gordon Chambers, “One Voice” was an evocative anthem loaded with gospel-tinged feels and optimistic lyrics. Brandy’s vocal was an impressive combination of finesse and passion. The young songbird shone on this number with the guidance of Foster’s studio greatness and his unique ear for superior vocal performances. Foster’s arrangement built an impressive landscape with an intense and powerful progression, a gorgeous gospel vocal ensemble and lush strings that fuel warmth to the atmosphere. Arranged by the incomparable Mervyn Warren of Take 6 fame, the all-star choir included the great Bebe Winans who added some tasteful vocal ad-libs together with other amazing vocalists like Carmen Twillie, Kristle Murden, Oren Waters and Bridgette Bryant. “One Voice” eventually became the official UNICEF theme song during their 50th anniversary celebration. 

As always, the Hitman was kind enough to add a few words about his work with Brandy: 

“I do remember thinking how remarkable she was. I had heard her on the Waiting To Exhale soundtrack, so I called Kenny [“Babyface” Edmonds] and asked him: ‘does she really sing that good?’ He said: ‘absolutely yes.’ I really can tell he was right cause her vocals were so perfect, so in tune and she could lay down harmonies in real time without ever stopping. You all know that I love those traits in a singer. It was a real joy to work with Brandy. 

One detail about “One Voice” was that I asked Mervyn Warren to arrange the choir and I absolutely loved his work. Mervyn is amazing! Hands down one of the best vocal arrangers ever.”





  • Lead Vocals: Brandy
  • Keyboards: David Foster
  • Guitar: Michael Thompson
  • Drum Programming: Chuckii Booker
  • Synthesizer Programming: Felipe Elgueta
  • Backing Vocals: Alex BrownAlfie SilasBeBe WinansBobette JamisonBridgette BryantCarmen CarterCarmen TwillieDonyle JonesDorian HolleyJames McCraryKayla ParkerKristle MurdenLaTonya HolmanMaxine WatersMeri ThomasMervyn WarrenMona Lisa YoungNikisha GrierOren WatersRichard Jackson, Ricky NelsonVatrena KingWillie R. Norwood Sr.Yvonne Williams
  • Choir Arranged by Mervyn Warren
  • Strings Arranged by David Foster and William Ross
  • Produced & Arranged by David Foster



I had a dream, a crazy vision
It may sound strange, this intuition
But it was true beyond description
And somehow I knew that it was real
When I saw

One sky above, there is just one source of love
If I’ve got one chance, one choice
I’ll sing it from the heart
One song, one voice

I’ve seen the fires of deep division
The hearts of stone, the cold ambition
But I have found my sacred mission
To live in this world and still believe
That there is

One sky above, there is just one source of love
If I’ve got one chance, one choice
I’ll sing it from the heart
One song, one voice

A song that heals
A melody of reason and freedom
With words that will speak for the weak
The hopeful and the strong
Sing is for everyone

Cause there is one sky above
There is just one source of love
If I’ve got one chance, one choice
I’ll sing it from the heart
One song, one voice

Yes there is only one sky above
One source of love
If I got one chance, one choice
So sing it from the heart
One song, one voice

Sing it with one song
One voice