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Month: September 2021



Written by Daryl Hall

“I think that Along The Red Ledge was the best of the two albums I produced for Hall & Oates. It was more unique musically. I have great memories of Daryl and John and I really liked them both. Daryl was really an amazing musician, one funny thing is that he was trying to get me to think more ‘rock’ while I was pushing him to think more ‘funk.’ Then I went on to produce a rock icon like Alice Cooper and also The Tubes and he went on to release a string of soul/funk influenced albums. I guess we influenced each other more than we thought.”


from LILAS

Written by Djavan

Djavan Caetano Viana is simply known as Djavan. He is a legendary Brazilian singer/songwriter. From his debut in the second half of the seventies up to now, Djavan’s music is a landmark in terms of sophisticated songwriting and meaningful lyrical content. He is a star in his own country, but his music quickly became loved by singers, musicians and audiences around the world.