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Tag: William Joseph



Written by William Joseph & David Foster



“First time I heard William Joseph play, I immediately knew he was special. I liked him so much I put him on my show that first night. William never disappoints, it is hard to tell where his fingers stop and the keys begin. He has managed to take incredible technique and wizardry on the piano and make it so palatable for everyone. I gotta say he plays much better than me, more skilled and better technique, although I have a pop sensibility that he doesn’t have.”


Written by David Foster & William Joseph

At the dawn of the new millennium, David Foster took Josh Groban and Michael Bublé under his wing and brought them to international stardom. A couple of years later, Foster applied the same path to another new name in the industry, William Joseph. In Foster’s mind, the skilled composer and piano player was destined to fill the instrumental pop slot occupied through the years by household names like Kenny G. and Yanni. Although Joseph didn’t generate high sales, he quickly built a solid reputation as one of the best piano artists in the classical crossover field. Joseph’s style was a clever mix of his classical origins with some world music influences and a powerful cinematic atmosphere. Joseph’s cds, Within and Beyond, were supervised by Foster in 2004 and 2008 respectfully.



Written by David Foster & William Joseph

William Joseph is a piano virtuoso who was discovered by David Foster and signed to Warner Brothers back in 2004. His first album, “Within,” gained immediate attention from fans for his fusion of classical and new age music with a catchy pop twist.


Written by David Foster & William Joseph

At the dawn of the new millennium, David Foster started developing new talents for his 143 Records label. He achieved immediate success with Michael Bublè and Josh Groban. Both of these amazing artists reached the top of the charts worldwide with their Foster-produced efforts.