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Written by Daryl Hall

“I think that Along The Red Ledge was the best of the two albums I produced for Hall & Oates. It was more unique musically. I have great memories of Daryl and John and I really liked them both. Daryl was really an amazing musician, one funny thing is that he was trying to get me to think more ‘rock’ while I was pushing him to think more ‘funk.’ Then I went on to produce a rock icon like Alice Cooper and also The Tubes and he went on to release a string of soul/funk influenced albums. I guess we influenced each other more than we thought.”

 These are recollections from David Foster about his work with Hall & Oates. It’s also the perfect way to start the weekly review about “The Last Time.”

Included on Along The Red Ledge, “The Last Time” was written and sung by Daryl Hall. “The Last Time” was a catchy pop/rock song that had a strong flavor of the legendary Phil Spector’s (1939-2021) “Wall of Sound” that was huge in the sixties. The instrumental arrangement, lush orchestra, female backing vocals and big production really sounded like an homage to Spector’s artistry. The great George Harrison (1943-2001) appears on this number. Harrison played a delicious slide guitar solo that enhances the sixties feel to the max. Hall’s vocals were simply flawless and the overall track was a little-known masterpiece of Hall & Oates’ long and illustrious career.

As Foster said, Along The Red Ledge was a truly unique album with an eclectic mix of styles and great songs. Look in the archives for other goodies from the album including the gorgeous “August Day,” the Philly soul of “I Don’t Wanna Lose You” and the rocking hit single, “It’s A Laugh.”



  • Lead, Backing Vocals & Keyboards: Daryl Hall
  • Backing Vocals & Guitar: John Oates
  • Keyboards: David Foster & David Kent
  • Guitar: Caleb Quaye
  • Slide Guitar Solo: George Harrison
  • Bass: Kenny Passarelli
  • Drums: Roger Pope
  • Arranged by Daryl Hall, David Foster & John Oates
  • Produced by David Foster


There was something about the way you left tonight
That really tore my heart
I remember the look in your eyes, it really ripped me apart
Oh the look
One last time
It can’t be the last time
I gave so much to make you mine
How can it be
It?s the second time around I’ve had this vision
And I don’t like it, no
When it all happened before, I knew I?d never come back
All the way
Oh the look one last time
It can’t be the last time
I took so much but I gave you mine
How can it be