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Written by David Foster, Jay Graydon & Glen Ballard

In the early eighties musician/actor Jack Wagner was a star on General Hospital, one of the hottest daytime TV soaps ever. Wagner was given the opportunity to perform songs on the show giving him immediate chart success as well. The first tune, “All I Need,” was co-written by then up-and-coming producers Glen Ballard and Clif Magness with David Pack of Ambrosia. It was a smash hit reaching #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart. The song is an emotional power ballad perfectly performed by the singer and sports a memorable refrain that’s absolute ear candy. The singer went in the studio with Ballard and Magness to first record a mini LP and then, thanks to the increasing popularity of both Wagner and the song, a whole album. This pop collection, aptly titled “All I Need,” was released in 1984 for Quincy Jones’ label, Qwest, and sounds a bit dated because the heavy programmed production. However, some of the material included there has very good hooks. “After The Fact” is an elegant, up-tempo ballad with an interesting synth melody while “Make Me Believe It” has more of an edge and a nice pop/rock feeling. The final track, “Lady Of My Heart,” is another high moment of the album. It’s a moving ballad co-written by Ballard, David Foster and Jay Graydon. The Airplay duo gave Wagner another winner, a haunting, piano-driven melody that evolves into a restrained but effective refrain. This song became another hit and was performed with great success on General Hospital as well.


[audio:|titles=Lady of my heart|artists=Jack Wagner]

Lead Vocals: Jack Wagner
Keyboards: Bill Elliot
Drums: Pat Mastelotto
Bass: Davey Faragher
Sax Solo: Jerry Peterson
Produced & Arranged by Glen Ballard & Clif Magness


There’s a quiet time
When everyone goes home
And I’m left standing here
On the stage alone
When shadows paint the scene
Where spotlights used to fall
And now it’s like a dream
Did it happen after all?

Then I see you there
In silent silhouette
The glow of your cigarette
Is like a shooting star

Lady of my heart
Tell me who you are
You’ve waited in the dark
And I need you will me
Lady, please reveal
If what you are is real
Can I touch?
Can I feel?
Just an image of you.

I’ve listened to the cheers
I guess I’ve heard my share
But I was never sure
Was it you out there?
Now I understand
You’ve always been the one
Who stood out from the crowd
You’re my inspiration

So take me by the hand
Before the moment’s gone
I’ll dance you into the dawn
And dream you into my life

Lady of my heart
Tell me who you are
You’ve waited in the dark
And I need you w
With me tonight

Lady, please reveal
If what you are is real
Can I touch?
Can I feel?
Are you just a fantasy?

You’re the lady of my heart
I know you are.