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Written by Beth Hart & Jimmy Khoury


Beth Hart is a great American singer/songwriter who’s bluesy, soaring voice and troubled past life experiences place her in the tradition of a rock icon like the late Janis Joplin (1943-1970). Hart’s versatile voice and attractive personality caught the attention of David Foster who, in 1996, signs her group, Beth Hart Band, to his 143 Records label.

Foster supervised the making of Hart’s debut album, Immortal. Beth Hart was obviously the main attraction of the rock quartet that included co-writer and noteworthy guitarist Jimmy Khoury, co-writer and bassist Tal Herzberg plus drummer Sergio Gonzales. Foster enlisted heavyweights Hugh Padgham (David Bowie, Genesis, Sting) and Mike Clink (Guns N’ Roses, Heart, Whitesnake) to share the producer’s chair with him. Immortal featured a string of rock originals co-written by Hart with Khoury and Herzberg. The material was founded on a blues/rock atmosphere and split between powerful rockers and intense ballads. Foster co-produced three tracks with Clink; one catchy rocker titled “Spiders In My Bed” and two ballads, “Hold Me Through The Night” and “Summer Is Gone.” “Hold Me Through The Night,” with the Hitman doing piano duty, was the closest to Foster’s trademark adult pop material. Hart’s soaring, evocative voice and Khoury’s guitars kept the song up to the blues/rock standard of the whole Immortal recording.

After her debut album made waves around Hart’s name, the singer released her Screaming For My Supper sophomore album on 143 Records. Screaming For My Supper gave Hart her most popular hit, “LA Song (Out Of This Town).”


[audio:|titles=Hold me Through The Night|artists=Beth Hart]

Vocals & Piano: Beth Hart
Acoustic & Electric Guitars: Jimmy Khoury
Drums: Sergio Gonzales
Bass: Tal Herzberg
Piano: David Foster
Percussion: Luis Conte
Strings: Claude Gaudette

Produced by David Foster & Mike Clink


If I whisper my thoughts, would you hear the chanting of my heart?
Phrasing melodies unsung in the dark.
Saying hold me through the night.

Hear the music from my room, calling out to you.
Come home to me soon.
Shadows bellowing duets with the moon, singing hold me through the night.
Hold me through the night, hold me through the night.

And the water drop in the drain, just like the sound it makes You’re coming round again.
There’s a soft piano in a warm summer’s rain playing hold me through the night, hold me through the night, hold me through the night. Hold me, hold me through the night. Oh ya gotta hold me through. Ya gotta hold me through the night, hold me through the night.