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Written David Foster, Gabriel Yared & Linda Thompson

Message In A Bottle was a movie that starred Kevin Costner and Robin Wright and was based on a Nicholas Sparks novel. The original soundtrack for the movie was released on David Foster’s 143 Records label in 1999. The music cast on the album presented a well-dosed mix of established and new artists including Sheryl Crow, Marc Cohn, Clannad, Laura Pausini and Hootie & The Blowfish.

For obvious reasons, Foster was in charge of the production for some beautiful songs including “Let Me Let Go” by Faith Hill and Ms. Pausini’s “One More Time.” Both songs were already reviewed on this site and can be found in the archives.

Another interesting track that involved Foster was “I’ll Still Love You Then” featuring Swedish newcomer Anna Nordell. “I’ll Still Love You Then” was a collaboration between Foster and the revered Gabriel Yared who wrote the movie’s orchestral score. The two came up with a gorgeous, melancholy melody perfectly in-line with the movie’s atmosphere and paired it with Linda Thompson’s evocative lyrics. Ms. Nordell’s delicate vocals fit the bill perfectly and showed the superior potential of this young singer. The production was handled by Foster with the help of two up’n’coming music makers, Carmen Rizzo and Martin Terefe from Sweden, who went on to produce music for many big names including Jason Mraz, Shawn Mendes and Jamie Cullum. The Message In A Bottle soundtrack did a fair job on the charts reaching #39 on Billboard’s Top 200 with a nine week run. The movie eventually grossed over 120 million worldwide.


[audio:|titles=Ill Still Love You Then|artists=Anna Nordell]

Lead & Backing Vocals: Anna Nordell
Keyboards: David Foster & Jamie Mulhoberac
Bass & Guitar: Chris Bruce
Programmed: Andrew Schepps & Carmen Rizzo

Produced by Carmen Rizzo, David Foster & Martin Terefe


Now and again
I remember how life was back then, oh
When I held you close to me
Wrapped up in your arms
So free

Even when I’m sad
You play around in my head
And I just have to smile
Your memory is loving me

Somewhere beyond everything we know
Time will flow in a place we’ll go
Someday we’ll find truth and peace of mind
And I’ll still love you then

Oh, then we will see
About every possibility for us
Then forever will be ours
We will know the power of love

True love never leaves
And in my heart, I believe
And we don’t say goodbye
We’ll meet again
And I’ll love you then