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 from MISS M

Written by Alan O’Day & Tatsuro Yamashita

The 1980 album “Miss M” from Japanese icon Mariya Takeuchi included the song “Every Night.” This soulful composition was co-written in the late seventies by deceased singer/songwriter Alan O’Day with Tatsuro Yamashita, a Japanese pop music icon and gifted songwriter/producer. Yamashita was married to pop singer Takeuchi who was a celebrity in her home country. Around 1980, Takeuchi recorded “Every Night” in Los Angeles with David Foster and Jay Graydon in the control room.

The enchanting ballad got the royal “Airplay” treatment and the result was outstanding. It takes only a few seconds of the song’s intro to be thrown into pop music’s most elegant territory. The subtle, irresistible groove of Toto’s original rhythm section with Jeff Porcaro on drums and David Hungate on bass matches Foster’s trademark keyboard playing and the classy embellishment of Graydon’s and Steve Lukather’s guitars. Greg Mathieson was another music genius who wrote the super-fine string and horn arrangements that were essential to enhance the level of sophistication on this zenith. Takeuchi does an acceptable job with her vocals though such a memorable musical scenario deserved a far more solid vocal performance.

Four other songs from “Miss M” were recorded in California with Graydon and Foster and showed stellar results. “Sweetest Music” and “Secret Love” were two shining gems from that project. “Sweetest Music” was a delicious pop/disco up-tempo co-written by David Lasley and the late, amazing Peter Allen. “Secret Love” was one of those Foster/Graydon masterpieces that you never tire of savouring, much like a fine wine. You can read a past review of “Secret Love” here.


[audio:|titles=Every Night The Heartaches|artists=Mariya Takeuchi]

Lead Vocals: Mariya Takeuchi
Bass: David Hungate
Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Guitars: Jay Graydon & Steve Lukather
All Keyboards: David Foster
Background Vocals: Alan O’Day, Laura Lee & Lori Kelly

Strings & Horns Arrangement: Greg Mathieson
Chorus Arrangement: Alan O’Day
Rhythm Arrangement by David Foster & Jay Graydon
Produced by Shigeki Miyata & Masaru Murakami


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