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Written by David Foster, Jay Graydon & Marc Jordan

Here’s another one of the (unknown) goodies that David Foster & Jay Graydon created for the Japanese market. Mariya Takeuchi is a very popular singer married to talented songwriter/producer Tatsuro Yamashita, she has released many records through the years and in 1980 she recorded one side of her new album in Los Angeles with Foster and Graydon arranging the project.

The 5 songs they worked on are all very good examples of their fine mix of pop music with jazzy echoes and refined arrangements. “Secret Love”, written with the talented Marc Jordan, is as close a pop song can be to the jazz world. It is an up-tempo tune, filled with their signature time changes, golden backing vocals (sung by David and Jay with the help and guidance of Bill Champlin), horn licks, rhythm guitars and fender rhodes. There are another couple of masterpieces here, one is the Peter Allen/David Lasley original, “Sweetest Music”, which shows how great a disco/pop tune can be when these two gentlemen are around and the wonderful ballad, “Every Night” which has some horn breaks and strings to die for (arranged by the great Greg Mathieson).

This lady has also performed another Foster original, “Fly Away”, but her version really can’t compare to Peter Allen’s definitive take or Stevie Woods’ cover.

To help you fully understand the magnitude of Takeuchi’s popularity in Japan, let me just add that a couple of months ago it has been released a tribute CD, entitled “Sincerely…II Mariya Takeuchi Songbook” where, among others, you can find David Foster, Gino Vannelli, Christopher Cross paying an homage to her music.


[audio:|titles=SECRET LOVE|artists=Mariya Takeuchi]

Lead Vocals: Mariya Takeuchi
All Keyboards: David Foster
Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Bass: David Hungate
Guitars: Jay Graydon & Steve Lukather
Back Vocals: Bill Champlin, David Foster & Jay Graydon
Horn Arrangements: Greg Mathieson
Rhythm Arrangements: David Foster & Jay Graydon
Produced by Shigeki Miyata & Masaru Murakami


Hero, you don’t know the chance I’m taking
Hero, you don’t want to know I love you
When I’m by your side, you become the only one
I can feel my heart is breaking

Secret love, you pretend that we’re the best of friends
Secret nights, making love to some invisible
But I can see the sun shining in across your face
No one else could take your place

Secret Love!
All night long, he was running away
All night long, he had something to say
Let me into your life
Let me be by your side

Mystic nights, you remain so cool oh who would know
Mystic nights, I know that you feel my love for you
In my loneliness I’m calling out your name so loud
But you will always be the same

Secret Love!
All night long, he was running away
All night long, he had something to say
Let me into your life
Let me be by your side