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Tag: Mariya Takeuchi


 from MISS M

Written by Alan O’Day & Tatsuro Yamashita

The 1980 album “Miss M” from Japanese icon Mariya Takeuchi included the song “Every Night.” This soulful composition was co-written in the late seventies by deceased singer/songwriter Alan O’Day with Tatsuro Yamashita, a Japanese pop music icon and gifted songwriter/producer. Yamashita was married to pop singer Takeuchi who was a celebrity in her home country. Around 1980, Takeuchi recorded “Every Night” in Los Angeles with David Foster and Jay Graydon in the control room.


From SINCERELY…..Mariya Takeuchi Songbook II
Written by Mariya Takeuchi

In Japan it is quite common to acknowledge the works of popular music stars by organizing tributes albums comprised of famous American singers. This type of project, usually recorded in Los Angeles, includes covers of major Japanese hits with new English lyrics.