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Written by Alice Cooper, David Foster, Bernie Taupin & Dick Wagner


This week, let’s make a journey into the heavy metal territory of veteran UK band, Saxon.

Saxon’s 2023 release, More Inspirations, was akin to its 2021 predecessor, Inspirations. Both albums covered classic rock songs from the Sixties and Seventies that influenced and inspired the group. More Inspirations offered smoky renditions of rock jams including Kiss’ “Detroit Rock City,” Cream’s “Tales Of Brave Ulysses” and The Who’s “Substitute.” On this new work, Saxon even breathed modern life into the Alice Cooper rocker, “From The Inside,” the title-track of the superstar’s 1979 album produced by David Foster. The song was co-written by Foster with Cooper, legendary lyricist Bernie Taupin and guitarist Dick Wagner. Cooper’s original was a powerful rocker, but with Foster at the helm, he gave it a sonic sophistication rarely found on rock records. This piece sported unique rhythm changes, smooth vocal harmonies and overall instrumental performance. Saxon’s new cover stripped down the song to its basic rocking atmosphere with a muscular rhythm section and superior guitar work. The group’s singer and producer, Biff Byford, did an excellent job in the vocals department with a decisive and powerful performance. Saxon’s re-imagining of “From The Inside” will surprise music fans who have only known Foster as the king of adult contemporary music. The Hitman can rock too!


  • Vocals: Biff Byford
  • Guitar: Paul Quinn
  • Drums: Nigel Glockler
  • Guitar: Doug Scarratt
  • Bass: Nibbs Carter
  • Produced by Biff Byford


I got lost on the road somewhere
Was it Texas or was it Canada
Drinking whiskey in the morning light
I work the stage all night long
At first we laughed about it
My long haired drunken friends
Proposed a toast to Jimmy’s ghost
I never dreamed that I would wind up on the losing end

I’m stuck here on the inside looking out
I’m just another case
Where’s my makeup where’s my face on the inside

All got your kicks from what you saw up there
Eight bucks even buys a folding chair
I was downing seagrams on another flight
And I worked that stage all night long
You were screaming for the villain up there
And I was much obliged
The old road sure screwed me good this time
It’s hard to see where the vicious circle ends

I’m stuck here on the inside looking out
That’s no big disgrace
Where’s my makeup where’s my face on the inside