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from VOL. 1

Written by Willard Robinson & Dedette Lee Hill


Trumpet superstar, Chris Botti, will release his first cd on the legendary Blue Note Records label this October 20. Title is Vol. 1, a haunting collection that focuses on intimate ballads and jazz standards. They bring the renowned musician into a sophisticated, acoustic jazz scenario. Vol. 1 is produced by David Foster who comes out of retirement to provide his dear friend with his unique ear, taste and studio experience.

This article is focused on a cover of the pop and jazz evergreen, “Old Folks.” This song is  the first single release that anticipates the forthcoming cd.

“Old Folks” was written in 1938 by vocalist/musician Willard Robinson with lyrics crafted by Dedette Lee Hill. There are dozens of covers of this classic, but the one that stands out was a performance by the amazing Miles Davis (1926-1991) on Davis’ 1961, Someday My Prince Will Come album. Davis’ definitive take of this ballad was, without a doubt, the main source of inspiration for Botti’s version.

Facing such a legendary performance, Botti and Foster assembled a masterful trio of musicians for the rhythm section including young piano prodigy, Esteban Castro, bassist Zach Moses and superstar drummer, Vinnie Colaiuta. This trio’s executions are a total knock out. Their support of Botti’s work is sheer perfection. Botti delivers a showstopper performance with his bright tone, uncommon finesse and unique melodic skills. Foster’s achievement is, as always, first class with a stripped-down arrangement without any orchestral embellishment. The Hitman focused on the jazz quartet’s emotional playing.

“Old Folks” really wet the appetite for the entire new cd. By listening to the cd, you too can appreciate more of Botti’s superior playing and Foster’s trademark studio magic. cd. By listening, you too can appreciate more of Botti’s superior playing and Foster’s trademark studio magic.

The Hitman himself sent us an interesting note about this collaboration with Botti:

“I have loved and admired Chris Botti and his music ever since the day I met him. I think he is the closest thing to Miles Davis we have today. His taste is impeccable, his spirit unwavering and the dedication to his craft of music is inspiring. When I attend one of his live performances it feels like a religious experience. Working on this album with him was an incredible adventure. I think he really doesn’t need me but he made me feel like he absolutely did.”


  • Trumpet: Christ Botti
  • Piano: Esteban Castro
  • Bass: Zach Moses
  • Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta
  • Produced by David Foster


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