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Written by Boz Scaggs

Boz Scaggs’ 1980 hit album, Middle Man, presented some of the most brilliant David Foster co-writes ever. Foster, fresh from the milestone collaboration with Maurice White of Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1979 platinum-plus album, I Am, was in a creative peak and delivered one gem after another. On Middle Man, Foster and Scaggs clicked perfectly. Together they crafted an ultra-sophisticated string of songs. The result was another platinum hit album for the Bay Area singer with an irresistible one-two punch of “Jojo” and “Breakdown Dead Ahead.” Both went high on various Billboard charts.

The arrangements on Middle Man were handled by The Hitman with the main support by the legendary Toto guys. Middle Man was produced by the great Bill Schnee, an award-winning engineer/producer with one of the best set of ears in the business. One of the strenghts of Middle Man resides on the top- notch level of several album tracks. Brilliant compositions like “Simone” or the heart-wrenching ballad, “You Can Have Me Anytime,” that could have easily been huge hits. Established by Foster and Scaggs, the magnificent musical scenarios showcased  Scaggs superior, refined vocal delivery. All the aforementioned songs were past reviews that can be found in the archives.

This week, a wonderful song has been picked. The beautiful, blue-eyed soul original ballad by Scaggs is titled “Isn’t It Time” and is complete ear candy.

Although Foster didn’t co-write this number, his sound and trademark musical atmosphere are all over the place. The instrumental arrangement was as smooth as it gets. Check out the gorgeous blend of electric and acoustic piano played by Foster and the exceptional Don Grolnick (1947-1996), or the powerful guitar work and solo by Steve Lukather, or the sublime performances of drummer Rick Marotta and bassist David Hungate. Foster also provided the track a lush string arrangement and all the clever synth work while Scaggs’ tender, soulful vocals were supported by the sweet harmonies of Venetta Fields, Paulette Brown, Bili Thedford & Rosemary Butler. “Isn’t It Time” was a lesser-known composition, but has the same potential of other glorious hit ballads by Scaggs like “Love, Look What You’ve Done To Me,” co-written by Foster or “We’re All Alone.”


  • Lead Vocals: Boz Scaggs
  • Acoustic Piano: Don Grolnick
  • Drums: Rick Marotta
  • Bass: David Hungate
  • Guitars & Solo: Steve Lukather
  • Guitar: Ray Parker, Jr.
  • All Keyboards & Synths: David Foster
  • Percussion: Lenny Castro
  • Background Vocals: Venetta Fields, Paulette Brown, Bili Thedford & Rosemary Butler
  • Strings Arrangement by David Foster
  • Produced by Bill Schnee


Last time this happened
Thought it wouldn’t happen anymore
But that was before
And now once again
As it happens
Well why do I listen anymore
Facing the door
I wonder again

Isn’t it time you knew
(There’s someone else up here with you)
There’s someone else
And you can trust in me

Think back and remember
All the disappointments you’ve been through
Well I felt them too
And all I can say
Is crazy stories
Really shouldn’t get the best of you
I want you too
So I wouldn’t let them

Isn’t it time you knew
(There’s someone else up here with you)
There’s someone else
And you can trust in me

Isn’t it time you knew
(There’s someone else up here with you)
There’s someone else with you
(You can trust in me)
Its me

Isn’t it time you knew
(There’s someone else up here with you)
(You can trust in me)
You can trust in me.. well