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from BI-COASTAL  (single)
Written by David Foster, Peter Allen & Tom Keane

“Bi-Coastal” was the title-track of the late Peter Allen’s (1944 to 1992) 1980 album and its first single. Like the whole Bi-Coastal record, the song was produced by David Foster who co-wrote it with Allen and frequent collaborator Tom Keane. “Bi-Coastal” was a flamboyant number that mixes a compelling four/four time disco rhythm with some smart, tongue-in-cheek lyrics written by Allen.

Foster added his polished touch to the instrumental arrangement with the help of Jerry Hey and his usual hard-hitting work in the horns department. Their inventive work was brought to life by the usual all-star group of session aces including Steve Lukather on guitar, the late Mike Porcaro (1955 to 2015) on bass and Ed Greene on drums. Foster played various keyboards on the track while sax virtuoso Gary Herbig played the rousing solo. Allen delivered a convincing vocal performance with the support of the smooth harmonies by Richard Page and Steve George. “Bi-Coastal” was a very fun song to listen to and became a minor hit for Allen on the dance chart reaching #79. That single’s b-side was a moving ballad titled “Simon” that featured a tender vocal by Allen wearing his heart on his sleeve while being perfectly backed up by Foster’s rarefied arrangement. Check out the archives for earlier reviews of other gems from Bi-Coastal including the silky hit, “Fly Away,” the bittersweet ballad “When This Love Affair Is Over” and the irresistible mid-tempo “One Step Over The Borderline.”


[audio:|titles=Bi-Coastal|artists=Peter Allen]

Lead Vocals: Peter Allen
Keyboards: David Foster
Fender Rhodes: Tom keane
Bass: Mike Porcaro
Drums: Ed Greene
Guitar: Steve Lukather
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
Sax Solo: Gary Herbig
Saxophone: Larry Williams
Trumpets: Jerry Hey, Larry Hall & Gary Grant
Trombone: Bill Reichenbach & Lew McCrary
Backing Vocals: Richard Page & Steve George

Horn Arrangements by Jerry Hey
Produced by David Foster


You used to live in New York City
Then you moved to L.A
But you still miss the streets
Where you used to play

So you hurry on back there
Even leave your pool and your car
Only to find you no longer belong
Fool, don’t you know what you are

Yeah, hit the streets at midnight
Still dancing after dawn
But something seems to be missing
Just what are you running from

Do you like your love in the dark
Or laid out in the sun?
When you can’t make up your mind
Don’t you know what you’ve become

Bi-coastal, miss the natural speed of the city
Bi-coastal, California’s fine if you’re pretty

You can always hear me singing
Oh, say can you see?
From the towers of Manhattan
To the hills of Beverly

All those girls on TV movies
All those boys on Broadway
When you can’t make up your mind
You know you go either way

Bi-coastal, miss the natural speed of the city
Bi-coastal, California’s fine if you’re pretty, oh yeah
Bi-coastal, miss the natural speed of the city, oh yeah, yeah
Bi-coastal, California’s fine if you’re pretty

Bi-coastal, when both are so much fun
Tell me why do you have to pick, why do you have to pick
Why do you have to pick one?