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written by Skip Scarborough

“Can’t Hide Love” is an extraordinary funk/soul slow jam written by the late Skip Scarborough. A gifted songwriter, Scarborough also gave us timeless gems like “Don’t Ask My Neighbors,” “Love Ballad” and “Lovely Day.” “Can’t Hide Love” was originally included on Earth, Wind & Fire’s 1975 album “Gratitude.”Thanks to the song’s fascinating melody and jazzy structure, it was perfectly delivered by EWF’s impeccable music machine. “Can’t Hide Love” has become a standard and has attracted a who’s who of singers and musicians who performed it live and on records.

One of the first and most impressive covers was delivered in 1976 by TV personality Jaye P. Morgan on her self-titled album. The album was produced by an up-and-coming music-maker named David Foster. Foster was just starting his career, but his talent was already in full bloom and his fantastic arrangement for “Can’t Hide Love” is clear evidence. His approach was respectful of EWF’s original, but took the song in a slightly different direction. Foster emphasizing the jazzy/funk feel with the help of giants like Harvey Mason on drums, Ray Parker, Jr. on guitar and the fantastic Tower Of Power horns. In particular, check out Lenny Pickett’s work on lyricon plus the gritty backing vocals of Bill Champlin and Donny Gerrard. Foster also did a terrific job on keyboards and arranged the lush strings and horns. Jaye P. Morgan did a good job with her husky vocal. The potential of this song and the whole “Jaye P. Morgan” album helped spread Foster’s name around as the new whiz kid in town even though the album did nothing on the charts.

Years later, I was very interested that Foster recorded another great cover of “Can’t Hide Love” for Dionne Warwick with his buddy Jay Graydon producing. This version was obviously the musical child of Morgan’s 1976 take. Take a listen. This is truly fantastic music.


[audio:|titles=Can’t Hide LOve|artists=Jaye P. Morgan]

Lead Vocals: Jaye P. Morgan
Keyboards & Synthesizers: David Foster
Guitar & Synth Programming: Jay Graydon
Guitar: Ray Parker, Jr.
Bass: Henry Davis
Drums: Harvey Mason
Horns: Tower Of Power
Trumpet & Trombone: Mic Gillette
Trumpet: Greg Adams
Baritone Sax: Stephen “Doc” Kupka
Tenor Sax: Emilio Castillo
Lyricon, Tenor & Alto Sax: Lenny Pickett
Backing Vocals: Bill Champlin & Donny Gerrard

Strings & Horns Arranged by David Foster
Produced & Arranged by David Foster



You want my love and you can’t deny
you know it’s true, but you try to hide, yeah
You turn down love like it’s really bad, ow
You can’t give what you never had, yeah
Well bless your soul, you can fool a few,
I know the truth now so do you, how how

(You can’t hide, I betcha, hoo,)
Can’t hide love, can’t hide love, well I betcha
I betcha)
I can’t hide, yeah
(feel inside)

You can’t pretend there’s nothing there
I look in your eyes, I see you care
So why not stop trying to run and hide
You won’t find out, if you never try,

(You want my love, I betcha,)
Ooooo, yeah, whoa oh whoa
(Hoo, Betcha)

You want my love, well I betcha
(And I betcha)
Whoa oh whoa, I’ve a feeling inside
(feel inside)

Love has found the time for kissing, yeah
can you find the time to listen
Life’s found the time to want you, yeah
can you find the time for blissing, yeah, how, how.