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Written by David Foster & Neil Diamond

The Song of the Week is “Take Care Of Me,” co-written by David Foster with the legendary Neil Diamond. This energetic rock tune is part of Diamond’s 1988 album, The Best Years Of Our Lives.” Produced by Foster, The Best Years Of Our Lives is a solid adult pop/rock collection that features the many sides of Diamond’s music spectrum plus the bonus of the Hitman’s inventive, ear candy arrangements and musical direction.

There are perfectly crafted ballads like the gorgeous “This Time” that is co-written by Foster and Jeremy Lubbock that became a Top Ten Adult Contemporary hit. A past review of “This Time” can be found in the archives. A surprisingly good cover of Tracy Chapman’s hit, “Baby Can I Hold You,” is also included on the album. In the reviewer’s opinion, this gold-certified album has aged pretty well as is testified by the mid-tempo “Hard Time For Lovers” and the powerful, inspiring title-track.
The best part of “Take Care Of Me” is the Foster inspired arrangement and high tech production giving the song a welcome rough edge. Diamond is in very fine voice throughout the album and on this number is supported on backing vocals by the great Bill Champlin and Richard Page. Add to the picture the spectacular musicianship by the usual suspects of Foster on keyboards, Michael Landau and Steve Lukather on guitars and the late Carlos Vega on drums who let this rocker flow. “Take Care Of Me” has an energetic beat and catchy refrain that is a solid testament to the overall quality of The Best Years Of Our Lives. This noteworthy production is the final chapter of Foster’s successful pop/rock phase throughout the eighties. The Canadian super-producer begins another string of fantastic pop/adult contemporary triumphs in the coming decade.


[audio:|titles=Take Care Of Me|artists=Neil Diamond]


Lead Vocals : Neil Diamond
Keyboards: David Foster
Bass: Reinie Press
Drums: Carlos Vega
Guitars: Michael Landau & Steve Lukather
Background Vocals: Bill Champlin, Richard Page & Tamara Champlin

Produced & Arranged by David Foster


The first time
Caught you stayin’ out late
With some bad boys

The first time
And you got mad
When I asked you to explain it.

Say it isn’t so,
I need you to say it isn’t so
And I’ll believe it
Say it isn’t so
Just say it isn’t so
And that I’m dreamin’

You said “Take care of me”
You begged me now
“Take care of me”
And I believed it
“Take care of me”
It’s me or nothin’ girl
“Take care of me”

The next time,
I was out by myself at the movie
That was the last time
Found you there
With some fast talkin’ smoothie

Say it isn’t so
I need you to say
That I don’t see what I’m seein’
Say it isn’t so
Just say it isn’t true,
That you would cheat me

You said “Take care of me”
You kept on beggin’ me
“Take care of me”
And I believed it, yeah
“Take care of me”
Now it’s your turn to take care of me

Don’t beg me one more time
“Take care of me”
You said it now
“Take care of me”
That you needed me
“Take care of me”
And I believed your lies
“Take care of me”

You know that now you’ve got to….
“Take care of me”
You gonna miss me honey
You gonna know it too
Forget the high times

You said “Take care of me”
Take care of me
Take care of me
Take care of me
You did me dirty
You treated me bad
Look what I am today, baby….