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Written by David Foster, Paul Stallworth, Jim Keltner & Danny Kortchmar

David Foster’s stint with Skylark brought him from Canada to LA at the dawn of the Seventies. The rock/R&B combo, Attitudes, was Foster’s second band after his time with Skylark. Foster with fellow band-mates Danny Kortchmar who played guitar and sung vocals, Paul Stallworth who played bass and also sung vocals and Jim Keltner who played the drums were all red-hot commodities in the session arena. They got together around 1975 under the late, great George Harrison’s wing.

The legendary former Beatle signed Attitudes to his Dark Horse label and the all-star group released two records, the self-titled Attitudes and Good News. Those albums went unnoticed by the powers that be although both were solid efforts that cleverly mixed pop, funk, soul and rock. Good News, the 1977 sophomore release of the quartet, especially sparkled with its meaty sounds and rich arrangements.

For this Song of the Week, the spotlight is turned on the opening track of Good News entitled “Being Here With You.” Co-written by the above mentioned four gentlemen, “Being Here With You” was a mostly instrumental, funky tune with an irresistible beat, top-notch playing and horn-laden arrangement that sets the up-beat, groovy mood of the record. Musically, it’s not too far from the classic jams of bestselling acts like The Commodores and Average White Band. The backing track smoked thanks to the rock-solid rhythm section, some hot guitar playing by Kortchmar and Waddy Watchel, while Foster added his swinging organ and keyboards. The icing-on-the-cake was the amazing Tower Of Power horns that almost steal the show with their potent, cohesive playing under Greg Adams’ fantastic guidance. Adams rivaled Jerry Hey as the most inventive and talented horn arranger of those days. TOP’s line-up of Adams, Emilio Castillo, the late Mic Gillette, Stephen Kupka and Lenny Picket stood as one of the best ever sounds. Also check out Pickett’s spectacular sax solo on “Being Here With You.” Good News was produced by Jay Lewis and Attitudes and engineered by the famed Keith Olsen. The album was a treat for the lovers of rare grooves with plenty of cool stuff to notice. Good News should be made available on cd to obtain the appreciation it fully deserved.

During those same years, the Tower Of Power horns worked extensively with Foster on Jaye P. Morgan’s self-titled album.  Jaye P. Morgan was another hidden gem that stands as one of Foster’s most soulful works.


[audio:|titles=Being Here With You|artists=Paul Stallworth]

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals & Bass: Paul Stallworth
Keyboards, Synthesizer & Backing Vocals: David Foster
Guitars & Backing Vocals: Danny Kortchmar
Drums, Percussions & Backing Vocals: Jim Keltner
Rhythm Guitar: Waddy Watchel
Horns: Tower Of Power Horns
Horns Arranged by Greg Adams

Produced by Jay Lewis & Attitudes


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