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Written by David Foster, Walter Afanasieff & Lucio Quarantotto

The fall 2001 release of Josh Groban was the introduction of the Los Angeles-born baritone to the music world. David Foster crafted the now-classic release that beautifully showcased Groban’s terrific vocal talent. Yet, Warner Bros., the owner’s of the Reprise label that Josh Groban was on, showed hesitation to sign the future superstar. Warner was unsure that the young Groban’s voice and music style would become winners on the charts and radio.

Eventually, Groban and Foster put Warner’s doubts to rest by selling over four million copies of Josh Groban in the US alone and releasing adult contemporary classics like To Where You Are and You’re Still You that have blossomed into radio mainstays. Foster’s superior art of the arrangement brought to life instrumental landscapes that let the young singer fly high with one stunning vocal performance after another.

One of the most treasured tracks from Josh Groban was “Gira Con Me Questa Notte.” Co-written and co-produced by Foster with music-maker giant Walter Afanasieff, “Gira Con Me Questa Notte” is an opera-influenced number whose elegant melody falls in a special place where the classical and pop worlds collide. The result is a masterpiece. Groban’s gorgeous, operatic voice was powered by the strength of the music that was fueled by an evocative refrain and commanding orchestral arrangement written by William Ross. A special mention goes to the beautiful lyrics penned by the late Lucio Quarantotto who also co-wrote the Andrea Bocelli classic “Con Te Partirò.” The beauty of “Gira Con Me” is further evidence of the magic that was created by Groban under Foster’s masterful guidance. Their work on Josh Groban gave the future superstar his big break and the start of a fantastic history of success. The music included on the album transcends time and stands as one of the cornerstones of the super-producer’s magnificent career.


[audio:|titles=Gira Con Me Questa Notte|artists=Josh Groban]

Lead Vocals: Josh Groban
Keyboards: Walter Afanasieff
Backing Vocals: Efrat Ben-Zur
Programming: Felipe Elgueta, Greg Bieck & Robert Conley
Orchestral Arrangement by William Ross

Produced & Arranged By David Foster & Walter Afanasieff


Il mondo gira con me questa notte
Piccoli passi che faccio con te
Seguo il tuo cuore e seguo la luna
così nascosta lontana da me

Il mondo gira con noi questa notte
Ah!, esistesse lontano da qui
Un posto dove scoprire il mio cuore
Sapere se lui può amare ti o no

E girerà e girerà
Il cuore mio, assieme a te
E girerà la terra
Girerà la mia vita
E un giorno lui sì, sì capirà

Sei tu che giri con me questa notte
Sei tu che giri lontana da qui
Ma sì io so che tu sei la mia luna
Qualcosa mostri qualcosa no

Ci sono strade azzurre nel cielo
Ci sono occhi e il cielo è già li
Sì questo credo che siano le stelle
Ah se potessi fermarmi così

E girerà e girerà
Il cuore mio, lontan da te
E girerà la terra
Girerà la mia vita
E un giorno lui sì, sì capirà

Cuore, già lontano
Sì tu sei la luna
Potessi scoprirlo nel cielo

E girerà, e girerà
Si girerá, il cuore mio
Girerá la terra
Girerá la mia vita
E un giorno lui sì, sì capirà
Un giorno lui sì, ti capirà