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written by David Foster, Jay Graydon & Harry Garfield

This week, we go back to the late seventies and “Love Flows,” a little-known yet gorgeous collaboration between David Foster and Jay Graydon. This sweet love song remained in Graydon’s vaults until 2006 when the super-producer finally released “Past To Present – The 70s.” Graydon’s cd was a compilation that included many demo treasures recorded in the second half of 1970 by the former Airplay member and right before his big break with Al Jarreau and The Manhattan Transfer.

Those were the days when Foster and Graydon were working together on a daily basis, co-writing stuff like the now legendary EWF song, “After The Love Is Gone.” The two gifted, up’n’coming music-makers were helping each other out on their various productions and many of those early sessions ended up on this special project cd. A large part of these demos were eventually recorded by famous acts like Bill Champlin, Cory Wells, The Waters, Mariya Takeuchi, Jaye P. Morgan and, of course, Airplay along with many others. “Love Flows,” with romantic lyrics by Harry Garfield, never caught the attention of any recording acts despite its wonderful melody and ear-candy potential. The demo included on “Past To Present – The 70s” was sung by Ed Whiting, a talented singer/songwriter who often collaborated with the Airplay duo. The basic track was played by the late Jeff Porcaro and David Hungate from the original Toto rhythm section with Foster playing beautifully on his acoustic piano. Although Foster’s arrangement is powerful and intense, it makes us long for a lush orchestral back-up that would have added even more emotion to this ballad.

Graydon wrote detailed, song-by-song liner notes and this is a brief excerpt from “Love Flows”:

“…I assume the song was either recorded as a demo for Ed Whiting (looking for a record deal), or simply a demo as to place with a recording artist. Foster, Porcaro and Hungate playing great as usual! Ed Whiting is a great singer! Note that Ed’s performance was recorded quickly — just a few punch-ins! He gets out of vocal range during the last chorus round but his soul comes through big time!”

The cd also includes a bonus version of the song without Whiting’s vocal. This version has a guide vocal sung by Foster and Graydon added to the mix. It’s a rare document that shows how these two music geniuses recorded melodies and ideas. It’s absolutely priceless for fans.

To close this review, here are some more words by Graydon:

“…in this mix I ‘cranked up’ David and me singing a guide melody and talking about the melodic ideas as to paint the melodic picture. You will note David outlined the orchestral stuff. Sadly, never recorded as a master, but the good news is this version exists!!!”


[audio:|titles=Love Flows|artists=Ed Whiting]

Lead Vocals: Ed Whiting
Piano: David Foster
Bass: David Hungate
Drums: Jeff Porcaro

Arranged by David Foster
Produced by Jay Graydon & David Foster


No lyrics