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written by Bill Champlin

This week we go back, once again, to one of the early masterpieces of David Foster’s career, Bill Champlin’s “Single.” Released in 1978, “Single” is one of those albums that helped define a certain music genre that fans usually call quality pop or westcoast pop.

Basically, it is elegant pop music with a strong funky/soul taste and jazz influences in its instrumental structure. This music style that saw Foster and Jay Graydon among its leading figures, mixed Burt Bacharach’s unique pop sensibility with Stevie Wonder’s and Maurice White’s most refined melodies plus Quincy Jones’ top notch sounds. “Single,” impeccably produced by Foster for the amazing vocal chords and songwriting genius of Bill Champlin, was way ahead of its times musically and went unnoticed by the masses though it helped spread the word in the industry about these gifted newcomers. Listening to ballads like “We Both Tried” and “Elayne” it isn’t difficult to find the same seeds of a masterpiece like “After The Love Is Gone” that was also recorded on the same sessions but skipped to let Earth, Wind & Fire include it on their multi-platinum album,“I Am.” “Single” is a total joy to listen to from start to finish even today, almost 35 years after its original release. There are so many gems to mention but, this time around, we’d like to focus on a funky number entitled “Fly With Me.” Written by Champlin, “Fly With Me” is a stunning funk/soul jam that’s dominated by the singer’s muscular baritone who truly flies high on the ear candy music background that rivals the best things ever done by Earth, Wind & Fire. Let’s not overlook the fact that Champlin was really one of the best singers around and his vocal arrangements were seconds to none. With its irresistible beat, tight horns, rhythm guitars, keyboards and vocals “Fly With Me” makes it easy to understand why Foster became a key element on EWF’s next few albums. We all know who David Foster is today but if you want to fully understand how he developed into the world’s most successful producer, take a listen to this  song and its parent album cause here is where it all started.


[audio:|titles=Fly With Me|artists=Bill Champlin]

Lead Vocals: Bill Champlin
Keyboards: David Foster & Bill Champlin
Guitars: Jay Graydon & Ray Parker, Jr.
Bass: David Shields
Drums: Jeff Porcaro & Larry Tolbert
Percussion: Paulinho Da Costa
Synthesizer Programming: Jay Graydon & Steve Porcaro
Horns: Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Oscar Brashear, Larry Williams, Bruce Paulsen & George Bohannon
Backing Vocals: Bill Champlin, Carmen Twillie & Venette Gloud

Arranged by David Foster & Bill Champlin – Horns Arranged by Jerry Hey

Produced by David Foster



There’s a rising sun

Beside me while I sleep

She’s shinin’ on my dream

And although my eyes are closed

My slumber deep

Between us we can see

Fly with me

On a carpet made of love

High music

We can play

Love can show the way

Everyday we’ll be together

And forever

I love you

Of the seven ways of loving

We’ve discovered eight

While knowing all along

That seein’ heaven’s rays of light

Upon our fate

Is teachin’ us the song

(Repeat chorus)