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written by Chris Botti, David Foster & Tiziano Ferro

After their successful collaboration on the title track of Botti’s last album “Italia,” Chris Botti and David Foster co-wrote another stunning piece for the trumpeter’s newly-released record “Impressions.” “Per Te (For You)”  is the new, beautiful song and. like on “Italia,” the magnificent voice of Andrea Bocelli sings the romantic lyrics written by Italian pop star Tiziano Ferro.

“Per Te (For You)” caresses the listeners with its soothing orchestral arrangement that supports Bocelli’s tender performance perfectly matched by Botti’s unique trumpet playing. Foster also makes an appearance on the album with a cover of “Summertime” performed as an intimate duo with the jazz superstar. It’s another gem that showcases Botti’s amazing talent as well as Foster’s perfectly understated piano performance.

“Impressions” represents the peak of Botti’s career so far and is chock full of amazing music including “Tango Suite” with Herbie Hancock that has strong echoes of Miles Davis’ classic stuff and the unique rendition of “What A Wonderful World” with special guest Mark Knopfler’s trademark voice and guitar. Other big names appearing on the record are country star Vince Gill, violinist Caroline Campbell and sessions aces like Vinnie Colaiuta, Ramon Stagnaro, David Hungate and Billy Childs. “Impressions” is another tour-de-force of bravura for the American trumpeter who beautifully fuses jazz with pop, classical and even country sounds with amazing results. This record immediately zoomed to the top of the jazz charts and in the Top 40 of Billboard’s Top 200.


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Trumpet: Chris Botti
Lead Vocal: Andrea Bocelli
Keyboards & Piano: David Foster
Guitar: Ramon Stagnaro

Strings Arrangement by William Ross

Arranged by David Foster
Produced by Bobby Colomby



Per te la notte veglierà se io non ci sarò,
per te che hai tramutato in vita ogni ferita mia.
Sarà come un’alba semplice
ogni giorno dei giorni insieme a te
e ci sorprenderà…
l’amore scandirà ogni giorno,
giorni insieme a te…