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written by John Oates & Daryl Hall

Released in the fall of 1979, “X-Static” was the second Hall & Oates record produced by David Foster. Musically, this album was a drastic change from the duo’s typical blue-eyed soul material in favor of a dance/rock sound that was way ahead of its time. Let’s be clear; “X-Static” isn’t a disco record. It is a mostly danceable recording with a strong rock attitude and even some new wave flavors. Foster’s influence is stronger than on its predecessor, “Along The Red Ledge,” with his keyboards and clever arrangements complementing Hall & Oates’ inventive music.

The ear candy’s hit single, “Wait For Me,” is great evidence of Hall & Oates’ smooth pop/soul meeting Foster’s keyboard-driven pop. It is the track that’s stylistically closer to their previous albums. The second single off “X-Static” presented two songs, “Running From Paradise” and “Portable Radio.” “Running From Paradise” is a pop/dance melody with a strong beat that anticipates what the duo will successfully create in the eighties with hit records like “Voices” and “Private Eyes.” “Portable Radio” is a rock/dance anthem that puts in the spotlight both singers and their unique harmonies backed by the irresistible beat of a smoking rhythm section with strong guitars and synths leading the dance on the fantastic instrumental break. The single didn’t chart in the US even though “Running From Paradise” was a minor hit in the UK. “Portable Radio” was covered in 1980 by the South African group Clout.


[audio:|titles=Portable Radio|artists=Daryl Hall & John Oates]


Lead Vocals: Daryl Hall & John Oates
Keyboards & Synthesizers: David Foster & Daryl Hall
Guitar: John Oates, G.E. Smith
Drums: Jerry Marotta & Yogi Horton
Bass: John Siegler & Neil Jason
Percussion: Jimmy Maelen

Produced by David Foster


Take your pick of the modulation
like a kid in a candy store
It’s a hand-carry situation
made for lying on the beach
or dancin in the streets
You got your pertinent information
or you can tune in to hear the scores
There’s a power in a million stations
you can’t ignore
crank up the power
rock it for hours and hours
play it soft and low
Viva la Portable Radio
turn up the power all night
Well I don’t wanna hear no static
and I don’t wanna hear no jaw
Put them platters on automatic
I cannot get enough
Got to give me more and more
Play some soul for the congregation
rock n’ roll for the kids next door
Charge up your batteries across the nation
Viva la Portable Radio
It’s x-static