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from AWAKE

Written by Nino Rota, Lawrence Kusik, Edward A. Snyder, Alfredo Rapetti

In november 2006, singing superstar Josh Groban, after the amazing success of his first two multi-platinum records, “Josh Groban” and “Closer,” released his new album entitled “Awake.” This new collection saw again the young baritone performing material in English, Italian and Spanish and part of “Awake” followed the lines of his first two works with classical-inspired love songs filled with emotional vocal performances.

There were also some changes on “Awake.” First of all, Foster, who was responsible for the atmospheres of Groban’s first two albums, wasn’t the only producer on board but other names like Glen Ballard, Marius De Vries, Imogen Heap and Eric Moquet were involved on the album. Also some of the stuff sounded pretty different with a more contemporary vibe on songs like the single “You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up),”  “Lullaby,” co-written with Dave Matthews, the ethereal “So She Dances” and the funky-flavored, “Machine” with a guest appearance by the legendary Herbie Hancock on piano. Among the Foster produced tracks there were beautiful songs like “L’Ultima Notte,” written by frequent collaborator, Marco Marinangeli and “In Her Eyes” even though the best moment was an enchanting cover of Nino Rota’s theme from the Franco Zeffirelli movie “Romeo And Juliet” entitled “Un Giorno Per Noi.”  This song sports a gorgeous melody and intense arrangement with an amazing performance by Vanessa Freebairn-Smith on cello and Groban’s emotional and impeccable vocals. “Awake” was certified multi-platinum for sales over two million copies in the US only while it reached #2 on Billboard’s top 200.


[audio:|titles=Un Giorno Per Noi|artists=Josh Groban]


Lead Vocal: Josh Groban
Cello: Vanessa Freebairn-Smith
Keyboards: David Foster
Guitar: Michael Thompson
Sound Design:  Jochem van der Saag

Arranged by David Foster & Jeremy Lubbock
Produced by David Foster
Co-Produced by Humberto Gatica



Un giorno sai, per noi verrà
La liberta di amarci qui senza limiti
E fiorirà il sogno a noi negato
Si svelerà l’amor celato ormai
Un giorno sai, per vivere
La vita che ci sfugge qui

L’amore in noi supererà
Gli ostacoli e le maree delle avversità (dell’ostilità)
E ci sarà anche per noi nel mondo Un tempo in cui l’amore vincerà.  Per te per me

L’amore in noi supererà
Gli ostacoli e le maree delle avversità (dell’ostilità)
E ci sarà anche per noi nel mondo Un tempo in cui l’amore vincerà
Un tempo in cui l’amore vincerà