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written by David Foster & Boz Scaggs

William Royce “Boz” Scaggs is one of the most respected and successful singers/songwriters in the sophisticated pop/rock music style.
His string of hit albums like “Silk Degrees,” “Down Two Then Left” and “Middle Man” present some of the most elegant and refined blue-eyed soul ever recorded.

Scaggs always surrounded himself with some of the best up’n’coming music talents like David Paich and his Toto colleagues, David Foster and Michael Omartian.
Through those collaborations his songwriting had the chance to shine on giant hits like “Lowdown,” “We’re All Alone,” “Jojo” and “Breakdown Dead Ahead.” Those three albums are an absolute joy to listen to also for the top notch level of the musicianship and the amazing quality of the material included.
Recently Sony Music has released a box set entitled “Original Album Classics” that includes those three masterpieces plus two earlier releases, “Moments” from 1971 and 1974’s “Slow Dancer.” Both those records show Scaggs’ developing talent already in a pop/soul vein with rock overtones that will become his signature sound later on. There are literally dozen of songs to enjoy but we have picked a track entitled “Angel You” that comes from “Middle Man.” Co-written with David Foster, “Angel You” is a classy rocking moment sung by Scaggs with Rosemary Butler. Foster’s work on various keyboards and synths drives the tune along with Steve Lukather’s powerful guitar playing. Lukather and his fellow band members, Jeff Porcaro and David Hungate give the song a catchy Toto feel.
“Original Albums Classics” can be easily found online and in stores for a cheap price.
We ask you to buy it and taste the pleasure of Scaggs’ great music.


[audio:|titles=Angel You|artists=Boz Scaggs]


Lead Vocals: Boz Scaggs
Keyboards & Synthesizers: David Foster
Guitars: Steve Lukather & Ray Parker, Jr.
Bass: David Hungate
Drums: Jeff Porcaro
Backing Vocals: Rosemary Butler

Produced by Bill Schnee


Angel you set em up right
You make love like no tomorrow
Make it like you mean to know
Baby its true you walk a high wire
Lovin it heaven knows
Honey and it really shows
How about Saturday
(How about tomorrow)
We could make it tomorrow
(I need to know)
Well alright
Angel you light up the night
Making it beg or borrow
Ever think of turnin pro
Honey its true its got to be love
Love like no tomorrow
I love you cause you need it more
How about Saturday
(How about tomorrow)
We could make it tomorrow
(I need to know)
Yes well we could make it..
Right now.. right now.. right now
(I need you so)
How about Saturday
(How about tomorrow)
Alight alright alright tomorrow
(I need to know)
Well alright
We could make it..
Right now.. right now.. right now.. right now