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from THE POWER OF LOVE (single)

written by Candy DeRouge, Gunther Mende, Mary Susan Applegate, Jennifer Rush

Originally, “The Power Of Love” was a hit single co-written and sung by Jennifer Rush in 1985. The song reached #1 on the U.K. charts where it remained for five weeks, selling over one million copies. Strangely enough, Rush’s original version never became a hit in the U.S. where it only reached the lower half on Billboard’s Hot 100.

The song’s potential must have been known to David Foster who, in 1993, was producing songs for Celine Dion’s third English album, “The Colour Of My Love.” Foster and Dion covered “The Power Of Love” and the song was released as the second single off the album. Their rendition of “The Power Of Love” would be an even bigger smash than Rush’s original take. Dion’s fantastic cover jumped to #1 in several countries including the U.S., Australia and Canada. It was eventually certified platinum in the U.S. and collected gold records and awards worldwide.

The perfect match of the Dion’s amazing voice with Foster’s top notch and radio-friendly production generated the first true blockbuster of Dion’s career in English. Under Foster’s brilliant guidance, Dion gave her absolute best vocally. Her huge triumph with this song started the successful road that would lead her to be the world’s #1 vocalist of the nineties and one of the all-time greats to ever grace a microphone.


[audio:|titles=The power of love|artists=Celine Dion]


Lead Vocals: Celine Dion
Keyboards: David Foster
Guitar: Michael Thompson
Additional Keyboards: Claude Gaudette
Programming: Simon Franglen

Produced & Arranged by David Foster


The whispers in the morning
Of lovers sleeping tight
Are rolling like thunder now
As I look in your eyes

I hold on to your body
And feel each move you make
Your voice is warm and tender
A love that I could not forsake

(first chorus)
‘Cause I am your lady
And you are my man
Whenever you reach for me
I’ll do all that I can

Lost is how I’m feeling lying in your arms
When the world outside’s too
Much to take
That all ends when I’m with you

Even though there may be times
It seems I’m far away
Never wonder where I am
‘Cause I am always by your side

(repeat first chorus)

(second chorus)
We’re heading for something
Somewhere I’ve never been
Sometimes I am frightened
But I’m ready to learn
Of the power of love

The sound of your heart beating
Made it clear
Suddenly the feeling that I can’t go on
Is light years away

(repeat first chorus)
(repeat second chorus)