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Written by Arnold Ingram, Marvin Willis, Richard Marin & Thomas Chong

Richard “Cheech” Marin and Thomas Chong, best known as Cheech & Chong, was a very successful comedy duo through the Seventies and Eighties with their comedy albums and stand-up performances based mostly on the hippie movement and underground drug culture.

Cheech & Chong also released a few movies that helped build their cult status among fans. Their Seventies records like “Los Cochinos,” “Big Bambu” and “Cheech & Chong’s Wedding Album” all reached the top five on Billboard’s albums chart. “Los Cochinos” also gave the duo a Grammy as “Best Comedy Performance Single or Album, Spoken or Musical.” Cheech & Chong had several hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 with their hilarious singles including “Santa Claus And His Old Lady” and “Earache My Eye.”

In 1977 they released a new single entitled “Bloat On.” It was an extremely funny parody of the Floaters’ R&B single “Float On” that was one of the bigger hits of that year. “Bloat On” features the two comedians singing and chatting over a wonderful, smooth instrumental performance courtesy of David Foster. Foster produced and arranged the track that was another Billboard’s Hot 100 entry for the duo reaching #41. It was Foster’s second appearance as producer on that chart after debuting with The Keane Brothers’ “Sherry” in 1976. “Bloat On” was later included on Cheech & Chong’s 1980 album “Let’s Make A New Dope Deal.”


[audio:|titles=Bloat on|artists=Cheech & Chong]

Lead Vocals: Richard “Cheech” Marin & Tommy Chong

Featured Vocals: The Bloaters

Produced & Arranged by David Foster

(Bloat, bloat on)
Ladies and gentlemen
Will you please welcome
(Bloat, bloat on)
The Fabulous Bloaters

(Bloat, bloat, bloat on)
(Bloat on, bloat on)

And my name is Big Boy
And I love a hamburger
That’s nice and juicy

A hamburger that gets on
Everything and everybody
A burger with nice, soft
Warm browm buns

Covered with mustard and relish
And ketchup dripping on down
Lots of onions and mayonnaise

What’s that you said, honey
Hold the pickle
Hold the lettuce
Say, baby, hold your mouth
I want it my way

Mmm, take my hand
Come with me, baby
To Burger Land

Let me show you
How good it can be
Eating burgers with me

(Bloat, bloat on)
Get me another burger, baby
See, I’m sick, I gotta eat
(Bloat on, bloat on)
I got Dunlap’s disease
That’s where I eat so much
(Bloat, bloat, bloat on)
My belly dun lapped over my belt
Oh, yeah (bloat on, bloat on)

Ice Cream
And my name is Sugar
And I love all the
Flavors of the world

I like chocolate and vanilla
And mocha but, ooh
My favorite is licorice

But I also like pistachio
And strawberry and raspberry
And boysenberry and berry berry

Mmm, baby, if y’all wanna
Share some sugar with sugar
Just reach out

Ooh, take my hand
Come with me, baby
To Sugar Land

Let me show you
How good it can be
Eating sweet things with me

(Bloat, bloat on)
Oh, no, baby
Don’t show me that
I can’t eat that
(Bloat on, bloat on)
Cause I’m on a seafood diet
That’s everything I see, I eat
(Bloat, bloat, bloat on)

So take it on ov… well
Bring it back on over here
(Bloat, bloat on)
Maybe I’ll just have a few licks

Chow Mein
And my name is Larry
And I like Chow Mein and
Have everything all over everything

A real house special
You know, uh (chinese words)
Fresh vegetables and carrots

Also, I like a sweet and sour
Number two combo with
A two seven uppee

And, baby, if you like that
Hey, baby, you come on down
Yeah, you come on down
Let me take you to Chinatown

Let me show you
How good it can be
Eating chinese food with Larry

Hamburger, ice cream
Chow Mein, ha ha ha ha
(Burp) Bromo Seltzer