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from RIT

written by Lee Ritenour & Eric Tagg

“No Sympathy” is a breathtaking ballad that was included on Lee Ritenour’s 1981 “Rit” album. This beautiful song was one of the highlights of the record together with the refined mid-tempo hit single, “Is It You?.”
“No Sympathy” was co-written by the virtuoso guitarist with super-talented singer Eric Tagg who handled the lead vocals. This song belongs to the quality pop style of the early eighties where pop songs had gorgeous melodies, superior musical background, smooth vocals and high-tech productions. Tagg’s voice is reminiscent of Stevie Wonder and is gently supported by Rit’s trademark guitar playing and David Foster’s superb keyboard playing. Foster also co-produced the song and wrote the silky string arrangement. Another elegant addition is Bill Champlin’s fantastic background vocal. Given the ear candy, catchy value of this ballad, it is quite a surprise that “No Sympathy” wasn’t released as a follow-up single after the success of “Is It You?.” Clearly aware of the potential of “No Sympathy,” Ritenour remade it in 2002, for his then-wife Anri on her “Smooth Jam-Quiet Storm” album. It’s a faithful rendition though Anri’s voice can’t match Tagg’s in phrasing, style and elegance. “Smooth Jam-Quiet Storm” is an interesting album for Foster fans because it also includes remakes of two other masterpieces, “Hard To Say I’m Sorry” and “The Best Of Me.” Although really nicely done, it just can’t compare to the originals.


[audio:|titles=No Sympathy|artists=Lee Ritenour]

Lead Vocals: Eric Tagg
Guitars: Lee Ritenour
Keyboards: David Foster & Greg Mathieson
Bass: David Hungate
Drums: Rick Shlosser
Percussion: Harvey Mason
Backing Vocals: Bill Champlin

Produced & Arranged by David Foster, Harvey Mason & Lee Ritenour


Who cries for me?
Who knows my tragedy?
Who tries to see?
No tears, no sympathy.

Easy come and easy go
But I just lost the star of my show
And I could surely use a helping hand.
Doesn’t anybody care?
Can’t find comfort anywhere.
Doesn’t someone out there understand?

Who cries for me?
Who knows my tragedy?
Who tries to see?
No tears, no sympathy.

Who feels for me?
Won’t you try to see?
There has to be
Someone who has a tear to shed
A heart to be led
For me.

Who cried for me?
Who knew my tragedy?
Who tried to see?
You gave me sympathy