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Written by David Foster & Linda Thompson

David Foster has recently submitted a new song entitled “One World One Dream” to be considered as the theme of the 2008 Beijing Olympics Games. He is also rumored to be the writer of the theme of the forthcoming Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. In the past, Foster was often involved with these types of special events. In 1988, he composed, “Winter Games,” the official theme for Calgary’s Winter Olympics. Foster also co-wrote “The Power of the Dream” for Atlanta’s 1998 Summer Olympics. In recent years he has composed “Because We Believe” performed by Andrea Bocelli at the opening ceremony of Turin’s 2006 Winter Olympics while in 2002 he co-wrote the theme of Salt Lake City’s Winter Games entitled “Light the Fire Within.”

Co-written with Linda Thompson, “Light the Fire Within” was performed by country/pop sensation Leann Rimes. It is an intense ballad that presents the trademark powerful arrangement usually created for these big anthems. Rimes’ passionate vocal performance is really impressive under Foster’s state of the art production. The song was later included on the re-release of Rimes’ 2001 album, “I Need You,” a pop collection that presents a few Diane Warren tunes as well as b-sides and promotional stuff. “Light the Fire Within” was probably added to “I Need You” to help boost its sales after the huge exposure the song had at the 2002 Winter Olympics.


[audio:|titles=Light the fire within|artists=Leann Rimes]

Lead Vocals: Leann Rimes
Keyboards: David Foster
Produced & Arranged by David Foster


Have no fear
when darkness falls
’cause there’s a light that shines
within us all
although this world
can turn so cold
when we reach inside
we find our warmth

’cause there’s a flame that burns
in every heart
and it’s the will we have
that lights the spark

once in every lifetime
there’s a chance to stand apart
we can show the world
our very best
reveal what’s in our heart
so the story goes and glory
never will end
inspiration lights the fire within

and if we fall
we won’t stay down
we will get back up
and use the strength we’ve found
and we will rise
like champions
every obstacle
we’ll overcome

[repeat chorus]
and if we just stay strong
then our hearts will move us on

[repeat chorus]
each heart there burns desire
inspiration lights the fire within