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Written by David Foster, Jack Blades, Tom Keane & Michael Landau

Night Ranger was one of the most successful American melodic rock groups of the mid-eighties. Started in 1979 by bassist/lead singer Jack Blades together with guitarist Brad Gillis and drummer Kelly Keaggy, they would add experienced keyboard player Alan Fitzgerald and second guitarist Jeff Watson to complete the group. Night Ranger released some successful records including “Midnight Madness” and “Seven Wishes.” They also enjoyed a string of top hit singles including “Sister Christian,” “Sentimental Street” and “When You Close Your Eyes.” Night Ranger was a powerful melodic rock band that created energetic hard rockers as well as intense pop/rock ballads well-suited for the mainstream rock airwaves of the era.

After their initial success, Night Ranger gained more media exposure by appearing on several movie soundtracks including “Teachers” and “Sixteen Candles.” In 1987, the band crossed paths with David Foster who had just recently completed the much lauded “St. Elmo’s Fire” soundtrack. Foster and Blades teamed up, with the help of session greats Tom Keane and Michael Landau, to write the title track for the Michael J. Fox vehicle, “The Secret Of My Success.” The result is an up-tempo rocker that followed the footsteps of John Parr’s #1 single “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man In Motion).” “The Secret Of My Success” showcases a very good vocal performance by Blades supported by Foster’s keyboards and Landau’s guitar. “The Secret Of My Success” became a good debut single for Night Ranger’s new album “Big Life.” It was a minor hit on Billboard’s Hot 100 and reached higher zones on the Mainstream Rock chart. This song was also nominated for a Golden Globe.

It should also be noted that Roger Daltrey’s “The Price Of Love” was another Foster and Blades collaboration for “The Secret Of My Success” soundtrack.


[audio:|titles=The secret of my success|artists=Night Ranger]

Performed by Night Ranger
Produced & Arranged by David Foster


Think of it, I, hold the world in the palm of my hand
Run a comb through my hair, head on out for some new foreign land
And all this could seem like a dream out the door
With everyday people, face down on the floor

I always said I could make it and be who I am
There’s a new look in sight, what a change for the new modern man
With all this it seems, like I’m dying for more
The streets are on fire, never seen it before
It’s like the sound of electric guitars

Worlds collide and hearts will be broken
Over and over it’s the same every day
How can I say what has never concerned me
The secret of my success is I’m living 25 hours a day

It’s amazing to me, what a fool will believe to bet by
With a change of your mind, I can live, I can fly
The harder the come, the harder they fall
I never say maybe and I go for it all
Just like the sound of electric guitars

With nothing to show, just sweat form my soul
My heart’s on the line and I’m dying to go (dying to go)
Look at us now, gonna make it somehow

Hold on to me baby, can’t hold me down

The secret of my success is I’m living 25 hours a day
25 hours a day