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From 21 AT 33
Written by Elton John & Judie Tzuke

“21 At 33” was Elton John’s first release of the eighties. The cryptic title simply referred to the fact it was his 21st album at 33 years of age. The UK superstar, coming from the disaster of his 1979’s disco album “Victim Of Love,” rebounded quite well with this new recording that saw him moving in an elegant pop direction. “21 At 33” also witnessed the comeback of his lyricist, Bernie Taupin, who co-wrote a few good moments. The cream of the top L.A. session players appeared on the album along with some very special guests like The Eagles.

“21 At 33” was a good success on the charts and produced a big worldwide hit single with the classic ballad “Little Jeannie.” Among the album’s standout cuts is “Give Me The Love,” co-written by John with singer/songwriter Judie Tzuke that close the album. The song is a slick, up-tempo soul/pop jam with one truly irresistible groove. The mood of the song is clearly influenced by the full, refined sounds of Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind & Fire. The classy atmosphere is enhanced by the great strings arrangement courtesy David Foster and horns arranged by Jerry Hey of Seawind fame. Around this same time frame these two talented gentlemen enriched many songs with their top-notch arrangements for people like George Benson, Earth, Wind & Fire and Quincy Jones. Thanks to Foster and Hey “Give Me The Love” sports a very good jazzy orchestral break with a piano solo played by the superstar. Bill Champlin, Carmen Twillie and Venette Gloud support Mr. John to add deep, soul feeling to the final mix. “21 At 33” was the first chapter of a new successful season for Elton John that brought him many more artistic and commercial triumphs.


[audio:|titles=Give me the love|artists=Elton John]

Lead Vocals: Elton John
Piano: James Newton-Howard
Overdubbed Piano: Elton John
Drums: Alvin “Red” Taylor
Electric Guitar: Steve Lukather
Bass: Reggie McBride
Congas: Lenny Castro
Horns: Jerry Hey, Larry Hall, Larry Williams, Bill Reichenbach
Backing Vocals: Bill Champlin, Carmen Twillie & Venette Gloud
Strings Arrangement by David Foster
Horns Arrangement by Jerry Hey
Produced & Arranged by Clive Franks & Elton John


You’ve been crying, and I’m crazy about you
I’ve been lying, and hanging you up, `cause
I’m deep on the inside, but flash on the outside
I am the thunder, and you are my lightning

Give me the love, baby, give me the key to your heart
Give me the love, baby, give me the key to your heart
Give me the love, give me the key to your heart
Months of watching, and hours of hoping
That you’d want me, when you see me again
For I am an eagle, but my wings are all tied up
You got the power to fly me again

You’ve been trying to build walls all around you
But you’re lying, `cause I’ve already been through
And I’ve seen you trying to capture that feeling
But you’re chasing what you’ve never believed in

Tell me you love me, tell me you need me