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From NEVER TOO FAR/HERO (single)
Written by David Foster, Diane Warren & Mariah Carey

Written by David Foster, hit-maker Diane Warren and superstar Mariah Carey, “There For Me” is a sweet ballad recorded in 1999 during the sessions for Carey’s album, “Rainbow.” Another collaboration between Foster, Warren and the singer entitled “After Tonight” became one of the stronger tunes included on “Rainbow” while “There For Me” didn’t make the final cut. Finally released in 2001, this brilliant song was the b-side of Carey’s September 11th charity single “Never Too Far/Hero.” It was a gift from Carey to her fans to whom the song was dedicated. The intense atmosphere, standout vocal performance and hi-tech production gained “There For Me” a lot more attention from radio programmers than the single’s a-side, a mix of two older Carey’s songs, “Never Too Far” and “Hero,” that was performed on many occasions by the superstar and didn’t go anywhere commercially. “There For Me” is another classy trademark Foster/Warren power ballad that dominated the charts in the nineties. Carey’s vocal performance is mostly tender and subdued yet builds towards the end as she belts out some of her typical powerful lines. Foster’s arrangement and production are, as always, absolute ear-candy.


[audio:|titles=There for me|artists=Mariah Carey]

Lead Vocals: Mariah Carey
Keyboards: David Foster
Drums: John Robinson
Guitar: Michael Thompson
Synthesizer Programming: Felipe Elgueta
Additional Synthesizer Programming: Neil Devor
Produced by David Foster & Mariah Carey
Orchestra Arranged by William Ross


I’d never have known
The way it feels to love
Without the love you showered
Down upon me
Warm as the sun
Melting away the rain
Giving me the strength
To face another morning

So many times I felt afraid
And turned to you
To find my way
I reach inside
And find you there
You are with me everywhere

It would take all of my life
To find someone more there for me
There for me
And I’m never alone
Cause in my heart I know
You’re always there for me
There for me

I won’t let go
Of precious memories
They are the light of hope
That burns inside me
And every time I lose my way
You shine for me
And I’m okay
You lead me way beyond it all
And you never let me fall


You always catch me when I fall


You’re always there for me