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Written by David Foster & Boz Scaggs

Peabo Bryson is without doubt one of the most personal and gifted r&b singers of the last thirty years, whose rich tenor has often visited the top of the charts and shared the bill with singers like Roberta Flack and Natalie Cole. David Foster in 1994 was red hot from the Bodyguard soundtrack triumph, while Bryson was enjoying a very important comeback with his hit duets with Celine Dion and Regina Belle, so they paired for the singer’s new project, “Through The Fire”. David Foster played an important role on the record, producing four tracks. “Why Goodbye”, the first single, was a good Dianne Warren ballad with a great vocal performance by Bryson while another couple were rem!kes of two Foster classics, the title track and “You Can Have Me Anytime”. “Through The Fire” is nice but can’t beat Chaka Khan’s definitive version, while “You Can Have Me Anytime” is very close to Boz Scaggs’ original for mood and intensity.

Bryson sings with power and passion surrounded by strings perfectly arranged by Foster with Bill Ross. Michael Thompson shares the spotlight with the singer, playing a warm guitar solo (Carlos Santana played it on Scaggs’ one) and also adding some tasteful licks throughout the song. All’n’all a very good effort that we suggest you to check out and enjoy.


[audio:|titles=YOU CAN HAVE ME ANYTIME|artists=Peabo Bryson]

Lead Vocals: Peabo Bryson
Keyboards: Randy Kerber
Guitar: Michael Thompson
Drums: John Robinson
Bass: Neil Stubenhaus
Additional Synths: Simon Franglen
Arranged by David Foster
Strings arranged by Bill Ross and David Foster
Produced by David Foster


Here We Are,
In A Room Full Of Strangers
And An Open Door
Here We Are,
Away From All Danger
But That Open Door Is Calling Out Again
Acting Like A Friend Who Wants To Know
If You Might Come Away
I Wonder What You’ll Say
You Wonder Out Again

*On WIngs Of The Night
Once Again You’ll Take Flight
And I Don’t Hear Your Voice Anymore
Tonights Dreams Will End
But I’ll Stay Long After Then
And You Can Have Me Anytime

Here We Are
Alone In The Shadows Of Our Lonely Room
Here We Are
We All Hollows Those Very Lonely Rooms
Like A Faithless Child
Frightened Of The Wild He Runs And Hides
To Keep From Being Still
We Run Around Until
We Lose Ourselves Again