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Written by David Foster, Lionel Richie & Diane Warren

“Time,” released in the summer of 1998, was Lionel Richie’s attempt to update his trademark sound for the nineties. The result was quite satisfying. He opened this album with an elegant, light funk offering called “Zoomin’,” co-written with his old partner James Anthony Carmichael. The second track, “I Hear Your Voice,” is a bittersweet ballad co-written, produced and arranged by Richie’s friend, David Foster. Tender and lush, this song is enriched by one evocative refrain and is absolute bliss for listeners. “I Hear Your Voice” made # 15 on the Adult Contemporary chart.
The rest of “Time” is made of many sweet ballads that Richie delivers with his usual class plus a few attempts at some light hip-hop like “To The Rhythm,” “Stay The Night,” and “Someday.” Richie is in fine form vocally throughout the record and it shows on the David Foster produced and Diane Warren composed acoustic ballad, “Closest Thing To Heaven.”
There’s a third Foster/Richie collaboration on the album reworking “Lady,” one of the biggest hits of Richie’s songwriting career and a # 1 hit for Kenny Rogers back in the seventies. Foster updated the arrangement without losing one moment of the original’s magic. It definitely ends the album on a high note.


[audio:|titles=I hear your voice|artists=Lionel Richie]

Lead Vocal: Lionel Richie
Drums: John Robinson
Keyboards: David Foster
Synth Programming: Felipe Elgueta
Guitar: Dean Parks
Backing Vocals: Sherrie Woodward
Produced & Arranged by David Foster
Strings Arranged by David Foster & William Ross


So many nights thought that I was doing fine
thought that time had chased your picture from my mind
so many times thought my heart was finally strong
now I find this heart of mine was so wrong
I thought I’d finally learned to get on with my life
then it all comes back

I hear your voice-(call)
your voice (call)
your voice (call)
the way it used to do
I feel my heart (fall)
my heart (fall)
I try to keep you off my mind
but every time I do, I hear your voice

So many days I thought that I could love again
but any fool in love would know that’s all pretend
you, you always seem to find your way
back in my dreams and I can’t break free


You know I tried so many times just to forget you
I’ve tried to walk away from you
Oh girl, it’s just no use

I hear your voice (call)
your voice (call)
your voice (call)
Calling me.. calling me the way…
I feel my heart (fall)
oh, my heart (fall)
I try to keep you off my mind
but every time I do,
I hear your voice
I hear your voice
I hear your voice