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Written by David Foster, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant & Wayne Kirkpatrick

Recorded in 1992 by Michael W. Smith with Amy Grant for his platinum record, “Change Your World,” “Somewhere Somehow” is a beautiful song that sounds like an homage to the great ballads that David Foster produced in the eighties. Adding his unmistakable touch, Foster co-wrote the tune with Smith, Grant and songwriter/producer Wayne Kirkpatrick. Listen to the opening keyboard bars that are basically those of Chicago’s “Hard Habit To Break,” or listen to how the song develops with Smith and Grant smoothly performing on a sea of keyboards, guitars and strings. The call and response of the singers plus the chorus and bridge could easily come out of Chicago 17 or St. Elmo’s Fire. Smith and co-producer Mark Heimermann played the keys as close to Foster’s style as possible. The production is flawless and high tech in the best Foster tradition. “Change Your World” was Smith’s biggest hit and definitely crossed him over from the Contemporary Christian market to the pop/Adult Contemporary world. It made him a superstar, following the footsteps of his “Somewhere, Somehow” partner, Grant. Another song from the album, “I Will Be Here For You,” was co-written by the singer with hit-maker Diane Warren and reached #1 on the AC charts.


[audio:|titles=Somewhere somehow|artists=Michael W. Smith & Amy Grant]

Lead Vocals: Michael W. Smith & Amy Grant
Keyboards: Michael W. Smith
Additional Keyboards: Mark Heimermann
Bass: Gary Lunn
Guitars: Jerry McPherson
Drums: Steve Brewster
Strings: The Nashville Strings Machine
Produced by Mark Heimermann & Michael W. Smith


Standing in our silence
I hear my heart beating
And if only I could choose
I’d stay here with you
But hold me ’til the train is leaving
Somewhere down the line
After you’re gone from sight
Our love will be the same
And, whispering your name,
I’ll cling to you with all my might

Let me dream of you
But it’s true
And wake me up when this is over
Love will be there when this is over and

Somewhere far beyond today
I will find a way to find you
And somehow thru the lonely nights
I will leave a light in the dark
Let it lead you to my heart

There’s a love inside us
Deep down inside
That goes without saying
Don’t say a word
But I’ll tell you just the same
And that love will fan the flame
And that flame will warm the heart that’s waiting

You are mine and I’ll wait for you my love
You are mine it may take some time
Even if it takes a lifetime
Tell me you’ll wait


And somewhere alone
I will be praying you home
I know that somehow our love

Our love will lead me to your arms