Jul 172016

from NIGEL
Written by David Foster & Nigel Olsson

Nigel Olsson’s name is unavoidably associated with Elton John’s band. Olsson has played drums on and off with the UK superstar since the early seventies for over 2,000 live shows and dozens of studio recordings. Olsson appeared on seminal albums like Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player, 21 At 33, Caribou, up to Sir Elton’s most recent recording titled Wonderful Crazy Night released February 2016.
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Aug 222004

Written by David Foster, Nigel Olsson & Ronn Price

Nigel Olsson is the legendary drummer who has been part of Elton John’s band (with a couple of breaks) for the past thirty-five years. “Cassey Blue/Au Revoir” was co-written with David Foster and included on his 1978 album, “Nigel Olsson.” Continue reading »