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Tag: James Pankow


from CHICAGO 18

Written by Robert Lamm & Bill Gable

Released in September of 1986, Chicago 18 was the first album that the veteran supergroup recorded without Peter Cetera who departed the previous year. Chicago 18 saw David Foster again in the producer’s seat and newcomer Jason Scheff making his debut as tenor lead singer and bassist. Chicago 18  brought the band more solid hit singles with the radio-friendly ballads “Will You Still Love Me” and “If She Would Have Been Faithful.” Reviews of both classic hits can be found in the archives. Chicago 18 also had a string of catchy album tracks including a Robert Lamm mid-tempo titled “Forever.”


from NIAGARA FALLS (single)
Written by Bobby Caldwell & Steve Kipner

Released in 1986, Chicago 18 saw the veteran supergroup going back in the studio with David Foster. This time it was to help Chicago bear the loss of Peter Cetera who left to go solo in July of 1985, right after the huge success of Chicago 17. Facing such a tough   circumstance, Foster and the group did a remarkable job introducing new vocalist and bassist, Jason Scheff. Chicago 18 immediately achieved a couple of solid hit singles with “Will You Still Love Me” and “If She Would Have Been Faithful.” 


Written by David Foster, Robert Lamm & Tom Keane

Robert Lamm was the gifted composer, singer and keyboard player of the legendary band Chicago. In 1995, he released his second solo cd entitled Life Is Good In My Neighborhood. Produced by the late, great Phil Ramone (January 5, 1934 – March 30, 2013), one of the highlights of their endeavor was “When Will The World Be Like Lovers.” Co-written with David Foster and Tom Keane, “When Will The World Be Like Lovers” was an energetic, up-tempo number that can be found in the archives. What everyone doesn’t know was that Chicago recorded “When Will The World Be Like Lovers” almost ten years earlier on the sessions for their 1986 Chicago 18  album. Mysteriously, that fantastic, David Foster-helmed tune didn’t make the final cut, yet a recording of the song resurfaced on the web and has been floating around for years.


from CHICAGO 16

written by David Foster & James Pankow

David Foster had an extremely successful collaboration with Chicago in the first half of the eighties. During their time together, they delivered an impressive number of punchy, pop/rock songs that were overshadowed by the chart triumph of timeless ballads like “Hard To Say I’m Sorry,” “You’re The Inspiration” and “Will You Still Love Me.”


from ALONG COMES A WOMAN (single)

written by Robert Lamm, Bill Champlin & Deborah Neal

David Foster’s triumphant collaboration with Chicago in the eighties is mostly remembered for timeless ballads like “Hard To Say I’m Sorry,” “You’re The Inspiration” and “Hard Habit To Break.” Surely, those songs shaped up the adult contemporary sound of that era but those three Chicago albums also included lesser-known, up-tempo tracks that were absolute ear candies.