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Written by Jay Graydon, Glen Ballard & Clif Magness

“Insincere” is a beautiful power ballad. The song was co-written by David Foster’s old pal, Jay Graydon, with Glen Ballard (Alan Morrisette, Wilson Philips) and Clif Magness (Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson) for their collaborative effort, Planet 3. Planet 3’s album, A Heart From The Big Machine, was released in 1990. It was a solid AOR record with stellar songwriting and playing by the three, award-winning music makers.



Written by Danny Peck

This week, go back to singer/songwriter Danny Peck’s 1977 debut album, Heart And Soul. David Foster produced the record with studio engineer and guitarist, Jay Lewis. Foster and Lewis met a few years before and worked together on several projects for Brian and Brenda Russell, Gary Wright and Foster’s group, Attitudes. In 1977, Lewis mixed the Foster produced Lisa Dalbello’s debut album. Heart And Soul wasn’t a hit and was barely known to Foster’s fans. Nonetheless, the album was good and Peck was an interesting talent, both as a singer and a songwriter with a knack of delivering compelling lyrics. Peck wrote all the songs included on Heart And Soul and put them in Foster’s young, but already skilled, hands.


from CHICAGO 18

Written by Robert Lamm & Bill Gable

Released in September of 1986, Chicago 18 was the first album that the veteran supergroup recorded without Peter Cetera who departed the previous year. Chicago 18 saw David Foster again in the producer’s seat and newcomer Jason Scheff making his debut as tenor lead singer and bassist. Chicago 18  brought the band more solid hit singles with the radio-friendly ballads “Will You Still Love Me” and “If She Would Have Been Faithful.” Reviews of both classic hits can be found in the archives. Chicago 18 also had a string of catchy album tracks including a Robert Lamm mid-tempo titled “Forever.”



Written by George Michael

During his tenure as president of Verve Music Group between the end of 2011 to 2016, David Foster produced successful records for superstars including Rod Stewart, Diana Krall, Mary J. Blige and Andrea Bocelli. Foster also showcased new talents with releases by The Voice Season 9 winner, Jordan Smith, R&B vocalist and American Idol Season 2 winner, Ruben Studdard and Malaysian singer, Yuna. Another great new talent that Foster signed on Verve was American  jazz and R&B songbird Brenna Whitaker. Her self-titled debut cd saw the light of day in 2015. The Hitman produced the record with his right-hand man and engineer supreme, Jochem van der Saag.



Written by Bernard Ignher

“Joe Gottfried (1927-1992) was the co-owner of the legendary Sound City Studios. He was a wonderful man and the very first person to offer me a job as record producer for singer/actress Jaye P. Morgan. He funded [her] album, which was in fact recorded at Sound City Studios, around 1976. I got to use all the ‘cats’ on Jaye P. Morgan, every great studio musician of that era. What I still didn’t know about producing is that it’s not just about getting great tracks from great players. This album, and the two that followed for The Keane Bros. and Bill Champlin, taught me that you have to have great song selection and that the vocal and the lyrics are also very important. I truly thought good producing was just getting great tracks; it’s not! The singer and the song are the most important things, not a smoking instrumental track. If I get all three, then I might have something like ‘I Am’.”