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Written by Danny Peck

This week, go back to singer/songwriter Danny Peck’s 1977 debut album, Heart And Soul. David Foster produced the record with studio engineer and guitarist, Jay Lewis. Foster and Lewis met a few years before and worked together on several projects for Brian and Brenda Russell, Gary Wright and Foster’s group, Attitudes. In 1977, Lewis mixed the Foster produced Lisa Dalbello’s debut album. Heart And Soul wasn’t a hit and was barely known to Foster’s fans. Nonetheless, the album was good and Peck was an interesting talent, both as a singer and a songwriter with a knack of delivering compelling lyrics. Peck wrote all the songs included on Heart And Soul and put them in Foster’s young, but already skilled, hands.

Musically, the album’s direction lean towards a refined quality pop with touches of rock, R&B and jazz. Sure, the record wasn’t completely on target. Yet the refined arrangements added a lot to the material and was influenced by the likes of Steely Dan, James Taylor and The Doobie Brothers. A good example was the acoustic, Latin-tinged ballad, “Take Your Baby Home.” It featured a great vocal performance by Peck showcasing his sharp tenor. Peck was supported with a beautiful harmony sung by Venette Gloud. Foster’s various keyboards plus the lush strings arrangement he wrote embellished the instrumental track. The Foster adornments were based on Peck’s acoustic guitar. Another old friend of Foster’s, Willie Ornelas, can be heard on the drums.

The Hitman kindly sent us a few words about Peck: “I loved Danny peck and I really like the way this song sounds. I think it really holds up. Danny is an extraordinary talent. At the time he had many fans including Clive Davis and Donna Summer.”

For those interested, there are another couple of reviews from Heart And Soul in the archives. One is the jazzy ballad, “I Do.” The other is the smooth rocker, “The Smoke Is Rising.”


  • Lead, Backing Vocals & Acoustic Guitar: Danny Peck
  • Keyboards: David Foster
  • Drums: Willie Ornelas
  • Backing Vocals: Venette Gloud
  • String Arrangement by David Foster
  • Arranged by David Foster
  • Produced by David Foster & Jay Lewis


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