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Written by Gary Wright


“I think Gary [Wright] saw the future… and, of course, ‘Dream Weaver’ sort of sounds like the future with all those fluttering synthesizers in the background. I swear, that record sounds as good today as it did almost 50 years ago.” David Foster recently made this statement to the Los Angeles Times right after Wright’s passing on September 4, 2023. “Dream Weaver” was a huge hit single in 1976. Foster makes a solid contribution to both the single and its parent album, The Dream Weaver. 

The soon-to-become Hitman met the late singer through their common association with the incomparable George Harrison (1943-2001). Foster went on to play keyboards alongside Wright on most of The Dream Weaver. The noted singer/songwriter crafted a musical scenario founded on various keyboards, synthesizer strings and moog bass. That combo had a huge impact on Foster’s music and his subsequent works.

The single, “Dream Weaver,” has already been reviewed on this page. For the present occasion, join a celebration of Wright’s talent and music with another track from his album, The Dream Weaver. This up-tempo tune is called “Can’t Find The Judge.”

The funky number presented a different side of Wright’s music compared to his trademark ballad hit single. “Can’t Find The Judge” moved more along the lines of Steve Winwood’s R&B-infused music. Wright’s voice resembled the successful British singer/songwriter of Traffic and Spencer Davis Group fame. Foster and up’n’coming talent, Bobby Lyle, supported Wright playing various synths, keyboards and fender rhodes. The rhythm foundation of this track and the rest of The Dream Weaver was left in the capable hands of session ace Andy Newmark and the legendary Jim Keltner. “Can’t Find The Judge” was an interesting moment on the album for its infectious beat along with the late artist’s noteworthy and soulful vocal performance. As The Hitman said, The Dream Weaver has aged well.  Please check it out.


  • Lead Vocals, Moog Bass, Clavinet, Hammond Organ, Fender Rhodes, Arp Strings, Moog Brass, Woodwinds & Special Effects: Gary Wright
  • Fender Rhodes, Hammond Organ & Arp Strings: David Foster
  • Clavinet & Fender Rhodes: Bobby Lyle
  • Drums: Andy Newmark & Jim Keltner
  • Background vocals : Lorna Wright, Betty Sweet, David Pomeranz & Gary Wright
  • Produced by Gary Wright


I feel so helpless and did nothing wrong
They sent my woman off to a jail
She’s guilty of no crime
‘Cept for loving me
And the Justices’ they didn’t have no bail

I can’t find the judge
I can’t find no one to help me
No no no
I can’t find the judge
He put my woman away
I can’t find him nowhere
No no no no no

‘Til I find the judge
Can’t find no one to help me
No no
Somebody help me
I can’t find the judge

It’s such a crime to see her that way
She thought I cheated with another woman
But that woman was a friend
Now she’s lying dead
Is there any justice in misunderstanding