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Day: October 15, 2023


from SKYLARK 2

Written by Brian & Brenda Russell


This week we go back to David Foster’s first steps into the music biz as co-founder and driving force of the pop/rock band, Skylark. Skylark released two interesting albums in the first half of the seventies that introduced Foster’s blooming talents to the music world. Skylark included Foster’s first wife, singer/songwriter B. J. Cook, and the wonderful soul singer Donny Gerrard (1946-2022) who was remembered for the 1973 hit ballad, “Wildflower.” That song was a top ten hit on Billboard’s Hot 100 and the Canadian Top Singles charts. “Wildflower” was a huge adult contemporary hit. Since the rise on the charts, “Wildflower” has became an evergreen with multiple recorded versions.