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From SOUL 2

Written by Vinnie Barrett & Bobby Eli

“Love Won’t Let Me Wait” is a gorgeous soul ballad co-written in the first half of the seventies by female songwriter/musician Vinnie Barrett and noted songwriter/producer Bobbi Eli. Eli was a founding member of the popular Philly Soul combo, MFSB (Mother Father Sister Brother). “Love Won’t Let Me Wait” was originally sung by Major Harris (1947-2012), a former member of The Delfonics, on his 1974 debut solo album My Way.

“Love Won’t Let Me Wait” was the second single released from that vinyl. With its sensual melody and Harris’ silky voice, the song became a smash in 1975 reaching #5 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and touching the top of the R&B chart. This smooth ballad eventually reached evergreen status with several cover versions by soul stars including the phenomenal Luther Vandross (1951-2005) who sang it on his 1988 album, Any Love.

One of the recent takes on “Love Won’t Let Me Wait” was delivered by UK pop/soul superstar Seal on his 2011 Soul 2 cd. Partially produced by David Foster with additional studio work by another super-producer, Trevor Horn. This rendition of Harris’ hit would have made the late singer proud. Together with Vandross’ version, each rendition stands as one of the best ever made. On Seal’s interpretation, the production was flawless, featuring a gorgeous vocal performance by Seal on top of a sophisticated instrumental track that melts like butter with magnificent strings and horns courtesy of Foster and the legendary Jerry Hey. All the musicians gave great performances with a special mention for Dan Higgins and his beautiful sax solo.

Asked The Hitman to add a few thoughts about Seal and he kindly sent the following words:

   “Seal was truly one of the great studio experiences of my life. So gifted, unique, quirky and soulful. I really consider him a dear friend. His take on our “Soul” and “Soul 2” endeavors created magic on top of already magic songs. “Love Won’t Let Me Wait,”  originally by Major Harris, is just one of many great examples of his ability to make a song his own with that unique blend of r&b, pop and that wonderful “English” take that he puts on everything.”


  • Lead Vocals: Seal
  • Keyboards: David Foster
  • Keyboards & Synth: Jamie Muhoberac
  • Drums: Victor Indrizzo
  • Bass & Guitar: Chris Bruce
  • Saxophone Solo: Dan Higgins
  • Synth, Programming & Sound Design: Jochem van der Saag
  • Orchestra & Brass Arranged by David Foster & Jerry Hey
  • Produced by David Foster & Trevor Horn
  • Co-Produced by Jochem van der Saag


The time is right
You hold me tight
And love is got me high
Please tell me, yes
And don’t say no, honey not tonight
I need to have you next to me
In more ways than one
And I refuse to leave
‘Till I see the morning sun
Creep through your window pane
‘Cause love won’t let me wait
(Not one more minute, baby)
The time is right
Turned down the lights and take my hand
We will take a flight
And spend the night in a wonderland
Now move a little close to me
You owe it to yourself
And I will selfishly
Take a little for myself
And it’s because of you
That love won’t let me wait
(No, listen girl)
I need your love so desperately
And only you can set me free
When I make love to you
We will explode in ecstacy
And I won’t take the blame
‘Cause love won’t let me wait, no
Love won’t let me wait (my temperature’s rising)
Love won’t let me wait (cause your so tantalizing)
(Oh, listen girl)
Love won’t let me wait